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Kansas City Assisted Living

Eventually, the stresses of living in a family home can become overwhelming. With advancing age, the routine chores and regular home maintenance become increasingly difficult. The solution for many “empty-nesters” can be a move into an assisted living facility. Leaving your old home for a senior living community is a big move, and there are many questions that you’ll need answered before deciding on the right place for your situation. Fortunately for Kansas City seniors, the median cost of senior care is lower than the national average. You’ll find dozens of great choices in assisted living facilities in the Kansas City area, providing for many different lifestyle preferences. Continue reading to find out what you can expect, how much it may cost, and how you can finance your new senior living accommodation.

The Cost of Kansas City Assisted Living

The national median cost of senior assisted living is about $3600 per month, but in Kansas City, seniors only pay approximately $3000 per month on average. Keep in mind that is only the average cost of Kansas City senior care; there is a wide range of prices above and below that figure. Local rates will vary a great deal between senior care communities, and the level of care and services provided will have a big influence on how much you’ll pay. has a long list of Kansas City assisted living providers charging a broad selection of monthly rates. Look at the details of senior communities like SummitView Terrace with it bucolic charm and Villa Ventura for suburban living.

What to Expect from Kansas City Assisted Living

You’ll find many different kinds of senior communities; there is an assisted living facility for most lifestyle preferences. Once you start researching what’s available in the Kansas City area, you’ll find senior communities that will cater to pet owners, fitness enthusiasts, and people who love to socialize. Many senior communities are close to the best Kansas City has to offer. If you prefer a suburban lifestyle, there are assisted living facilities that will provide day trips and regular transportation so you can get out and about when you want to. There are senior communities like The Gardens at Barry Road, where you’ll enjoy socializing in the beautiful community spaces. You can enjoy apartment building style accommodation at Brookdale Wornall Place with its beautiful architecture and spacious accommodations.

Locating the Right Senior Community in Kansas City

After deciding just what you want in senior community living, and where you’d like to settle, it’s time to create a list of the most likely candidates for your new home. Begin by asking friends and family who have direct experience with assisted living facilities. You want to hear as much first-hand experience as possible; even if someone doesn’t have any knowledge of the communities you’re researching, they can explain what concerns they have had, and what they have learned about the specifics of Kansas City senior care. Perform internet searches to find all the senior assisted living communities in the area you want to live. You’ll see reviews of the communities, find out about the neighborhood, and see what amenities and services are provided by the community. Ask what is included in the monthly rent and what (if any) services are provided at extra cost to you. Ensure that the assisted living facility is conveniently located for family visits, medical appointments, and routine travel. Assemble a list of important concerns and refer to it during your visits to potential senior communities. SeniorAdvisor provides a handy Assisted Living Guidebook that will detail the questions you should ask, as well as other important information.

Covering the Cost of Kansas City Assisted Living

It’s easy to realize that you need the services of an assisted living community; what’s not easy for many people to realize, is paying for it!

Seniors who have long-term care insurance might have a leg up on those seniors who don’t. If you have long-term care insurance, then study your policy and find out exactly what costs will be covered. Some long-term care insurance policies have serious restrictions on the costs that will be covered.

If you own your home, you have some other good options to finance your assisted living residence. The first way is to sell your home. The lump-sum payment should defray the cost of senior care for quite some time.

If you don’t mind the added responsibilities, rent your home. Renting will provide a relatively steady monthly income that can be used to pay your senior care costs. Keep in mind that as tenants move out, there may be long gaps before the new tenants move in, reducing your income. You will also have to pay for repairs and routine home maintenance, as well as painting and cleaning the house between tenants. You will likely need to pay for a more expensive homeowner’s policy.

A reverse mortgage is another way to realize a monthly income but without many of the worries inherent in the role of landlord. Speak to your financial professional before making any big financial decision and make sure that whatever you choose to do, it’s right for your circumstances.

Low-income seniors might use Medicaid to cover the costs of nursing home care. Nursing home residents can receive care through a managed care plan that could provide more comprehensive care than is available through standard Medicaid coverage. Visit the Missouri Medicaid website to check eligibility requirements and to apply.

For low-income veterans of the U.S. military who have served in wartime, there is the VA Aid and Attendance pension. This program can help provide money for senior care, visit the regional VA office website to find out more details.

There are many other ways to assemble the needed resources to finance your assisted living facility accommodation. Speak to a financial professional and learn what other options can be used in your situation to finance your senior care costs.

If you found this article informative, consider visiting SeniorAdvisor and learning much more detailed information about senior care options and resources in Kansas.

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