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Kansas City Aging In Place

Perhaps you’ve called Kansas City your home your entire life and want to be able to enjoy it even more as you age. With aging in place services, this wish is entirely possible. While aging in place might sound a little odd, it gives you the freedom to stay in your home with the help of people like homemakers and home health aides. These services will keep your house in order and help you with things like daily grooming and monitor your health conditions. Just because you need extra help or have a medical condition doesn’t mean you have to go into a nursing home because there are plenty of local services in Kansas City to keep you in your home.

Paying For Care

Other than choosing the type of care you want, you might be able to get financial help for in-home care services. Your doctor can help by stating that you need the care to stay in your home safely which can mean you could get reimbursed for services. Veterans can use their VA bills to pay for in-home care, just make sure to check and see which providers are covered. Kansas City Seniors can also use the KC Connect Seniors Program to get help pay for things like homemakers, transportation services, and more.

The Cost For Care

The national average cost for both homemakers and home health aides is about $3,800 per month. Now, this number will vary from state to state, and it can go up or down depending on how often you use in-home care and the type of care you decide to use.

In Kansas City, the average cost for in-home care is a little bit higher. Homemakers usually cost around $4,004 per month, and home health aides cost about $4,195 per month. That breaks down into about $132 to $138 per day, and while that might seem high, it is a lot less than the $213 per day it costs for a private room in a nursing home.

Looking For Kansas City Providers

There are a lot of choices in Kansas City when it comes to in-home care, and you want to make sure you find a place that will meet your needs and be trustworthy. Ask for suggestions from your family members, friends, and even your doctor. You can go online to the Kansas City Better Business Bureau and search for reputable places by reading customer reviews and business profiles.

Once you have a few places in mind, ask each provider some questions. Choose places that are insured and bonded and double check that they have the proper licenses to operate. It’s also important that each place does a background check on their employees or has a screening process when hiring people. Providers might also have different payment methods or scheduling procedures so make sure you understand those things before choosing your care.

More Care Options

The beauty of choosing in-home care is that you can customize a care plan to fit your needs and schedule. If that doesn’t include a homemaker or a home health aide that is perfectly fine because there are many other options. Search concierge services to find people who will pick up your dry cleaning, help with car repairs, or even deliver a home-cooked meal. is a site where you can find local dog walkers and pet sitters while Handy will put you in touch with local house cleaners. Favor and TaskRabbit are websites where you’ll find assistance with any errand or chore you might have. will put you in contact with contractors who can help with home improvements, and Amazon Home Services connects you with dozens of local professionals. Just like with any provider, you should ask questions and feel comfortable with the people who will be in your home.

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