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Kansas City 55+ Communities

A large family home is necessary when you’re raising a family. After your children have moved out, and you’ve entered retirement, a large home can be burdensome. It is the rare retiree who looks forward to the prospect of routine home maintenance, repairs, landscaping, and general household chores.

Worse, is the prospect of wandering aimlessly through an “empty-nest” home with nothing else to do but watch TV all day and cook meals for one person.

There is another way, though. By moving into a senior assisted living community, you can enjoy an attractive range of wonderful services and amenities that will make your golden years truly delightful.

Kansas City has some great retirement community options that include the kind of services and amenities that can make everyday fun, interesting, and rewarding.

Kansas City, Missouri is the home of some fantastic retirement communities.

The Gardens at Jackson Creek is a delightful community where the meals are delicious, and housekeeping/linen service makes retirement living easy.

The Fountains at Greenbriar offers the advantages of a suburban setting to the pleasures of retirement living. With a nearby golf course and convenient proximity to all that Kansas City has to offer, The Fountains at Greenbriar is a great retirement residence option.

The Cost of Retirement Community Living in Kansas City

Regardless of geographic location, you’ll spend more for an independent living retirement residence then you will for a regular apartment. A one-bedroom apartment in Kansas City will run approximately $860 per month. A 55+ senior community in Kansas City will range from $1500 to $3500 per month, depending on a variety of factors.

The more luxurious the accommodations, services, and amenities, the more you’ll be paying monthly to enjoy living there. Remember that services that may not be important to you now, may be much needed as you age further. Think ahead before deciding on a facility just by price.

As with anything else, if you research, shop around, and negotiate, you’ll get the most for your money.

How You Can Pay for a 55+ Residential Community in Kansas City

Those retirees who are fortunate enough to have a guaranteed pension due to years working in education or law enforcement have few worries when it comes to paying for a luxurious retirement lifestyle in a senior assisted living community. Then there are the rest of us.

Financial shocks, stock market fluctuations, and the generally high cost of living have impacted retirement savings adversely. There are still ways to afford the benefits of retirement living in a senior community.

If you own your home, selling it and using the proceeds to augment your retirement income could help you get into the senior community of your dreams. For the more entrepreneurial option, consider becoming a landlord. A regular rental income could conceivably pay the full cost of your senior residential community rent.

Sharing the costs of housing in a senior community is another option. You’ll both save a fortune on the monthly rent by sharing, and enjoy all the great benefits of assisted living.

What Do You Want in a Senior Living Community?

There are a plethora of wonderful amenities and services that a senior living community can provide; what are the most valuable to your lifestyle?

Before beginning your search for a 55+ senior living arrangement, you need to decide exactly what is important to you. Do you need to have access to a comfortable library? Is an indoor pool something that will make you happy?

Make a thorough list of all the great things you’d like easy access to and that will make retirement a fun, interesting time of your life. Bear in mind that this community will likely be the last place you move to. Is the community you choose where you can see yourself spending the rest of your life?

You’ll want to travel to see relatives; are they close? Do you have a beloved pet? Discuss how the community will accommodate your animal companion.

The Area around Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri is the 29th largest metropolitan area in the United States, with a wide range of enjoyable sights, entertainment, shopping, and dining opportunities. Kansas City is home to the famous Swope Park, which is twice the size of Manhattan’s Central Park at an expansive 1,805 acres.

Barbecue aficionados will be delighted with access to more barbecue restaurants per capita than any other place in the United States.

Kansas City has been called the “Paris of the Plains,” probably because of the massive number of boulevards that the city is graced with (more than even Paris, France).

Residents enjoy the long history of distinctly American events infused in every brick of the metropolitan area. Kansas City is where the famous Hostess baking company got started. Walt Disney was a Kansas City resident when he thought up the progenitor of the famous, big-eared rodent.

Where are You Heading?

Where are you heading? Do you see yourself remaining independent and worry-free to your final day? Are you suffering the early stages of a degenerative joint or nerve disease?

When you choose your senior residential home, you need to think ahead; moving can be dangerously stressful for settled seniors. If a change in medical condition precipitates the need to relocate, you may lose valued friends.

Garden Village in Kansas City offers studio sized to two-bedroom apartments for wonderful retirement living. Garden Village features an independent health care facility on the premises, a feature that’s hard to beat.

Greenwood Terrace provides a rich country feel within minutes of all that Kansas City has to offer. Delicious, chef-prepared meals, housekeeping, and a diverse selection of activities will keep seniors occupied and enjoying the best years of their lives.

Carefully consider all the options that are within your price range and preferred geographic area. Speak to friends, family, and the residents at every senior community that you’re looking at. Think about what amenities and services are most important for you to enjoy your retirement, and you’ll find a refuge from the tedium of living in an “empty nest.”

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