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How to Get Around Kansas City Without Driving

More than 315 square miles make up Kansas City, Missouri, leaving you with no choice but to find transportation to make your way to some of your go-to places. Walking and biking will only get you so far. Take advantage of the bus systems and senior transportation services to get to where you need to go.


Kansas City Regional Transit offers multiple routes throughout the city. Visit the website to see schedules for each route and determine where and when you can get on and off the bus. Weekday, Saturday, and Sunday schedules are all available, each offering different times and stations. KCRT operates some and others work through the Streetcar service. Seniors get access to half fare prices to make riding more affordable. A three-day pass, ten-ride pass, or 31-day pass give you the ability to travel more often in a given timeframe.

Kansas City Taxi Service

Just like most cities, Kansas City offers various taxi services for residents who need to get around town. Abe’s Transportation is one of the best-rated options, operating 24/7 with multiple vehicle choices. You can choose a town car, Sedan, SUV, limousine for eight to ten passengers, or a minibus for up to 24 people. The company is licensed and insured to ensure all riders arrive at their destinations safely.

KC Taxi Cab provides another service in the city. Contact the company at (816) 916-4291 to schedule a ride. They operate 24/7 to ensure all patrons get home. King James Taxi Cab is a third option. You can reach them at (816) 799-3566 to ask for services. This company offers luxurious transport services for corporate events, special celebrations, or simply if you want a night out on the town in style. You can book a ride directly from their website.

Senior-Based Transport Services

A full list of transportation services in Missouri lets you see the senior-based options available to you. The Area Agency on Aging in your area should be your first go-to option when looking for senior-specific transport. People over 60 with high medical needs get helped first. The Callaway County Transportation System also offers assistance. They primarily work around the city of Fulton but make trips to other areas at times.

Disabled American Vets also help transport seniors. Veterans in need of transportation to VA medical facilities can get a ride anytime they need. You need to contact your local VA to get further information about this opportunity. The Kansas City VA Medical Center located at 4801 Linwood Blvd is your option in Kansas City. Call them at (816) 861-4700 to discuss transport.

Gaining Access to More Senior Transport Services in Kansas City

Contact the Della Lamb Transportation Department at (816) 483-7433 or visit their website to learn how to gain access to senior transport services in the area. Kansas City provides numerous means of transportation aside from what is listed here. You can seek help finding access to these methods, so you always have ride options available when you need to get out and about.

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