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How Much Does Kansas City In-Home Care Cost?

Home is the focal point of most people’s lives, and it’s the place where we feel most comfortable. Everyone is familiar with the wonderful feeling of going home after being away for some time.

As we get older, a home becomes a place that we don’t want to leave. Most Americans express a desire to grow old in the homes that they’ve always lived in.

This desire to stay home is confirmed by a 2014 survey of senior attitudes conducted by AARP.

According to the AARP survey, over 70% of people from the ages of 50 to 64 want to age at home, eschewing placement in assisted living facilities or nursing homes. The data regarding the preferences of Americans aged 65 years and older is even more emphatic; close to 90% of those seniors surveyed expressed a desire to age in place rather than relocate to a senior community.

Keep on reading to familiarize yourself with the facts about in-home care in Kansas City, what options are available, how to determine the amount of care you may require, and how you could pay for it.

Kansas City In-Home Care Facts

Kansas City seniors have more than 20 different in-home care providers local to them.

All Kansas City in-home care providers must be certified and licensed by the Missouri State Department of Health. All home health aides must be trained and vetted according to strict Missouri State standards to work with the senior community.

There are almost one million people working as home health aides in the U.S. and, of that number, there are approximately 9,500 working in the state of Missouri.

The median wage of people employed as home health aides is just under $22,000 per year in the United States.

Rates for In-Home Care in Kansas City

Homemaker service in Kansas City will cost about $4,000 per month or $132 per day on average (according to the Genworth Cost of Care Survey).

What will you get for that amount?

Homemaker assistance will provide you with somebody to help you perform routine daily activities such as light housekeeping, meal preparation, grooming assistance, and even help bathing.

Your homemaker aide will also help with a pet and plant care, checking the home environment for potential dangers, and running errands.

A homemaker aide can also remind you to take scheduled medications and communicate your condition to family members.

Homemaker service is ideal for independent seniors who need daily social contact and help performing daily activities that have become too tiring for the senior to perform routinely.

Rates for Home Health Aide Care in Kansas City

The cost of a home health aide in Kansas City is very close to the cost of homemaker service in the same area. The daily cost for a home health aide in Kansas City is approximately $138 per day/ $4200 per month.

A home health aide will perform many of the same functions as a homemaker service with the addition of critical medical tasks.

Your home health aide will help you with meal preparation, eating assistance, and light housekeeping/errands. The home health aide will also check wound dressings, change dressings, check pulse and blood pressure, and help you use mobility equipment like walkers or a wheelchair.

Home health aides in Missouri must meet stringent educational requirements, be fingerprinted, and pass a comprehensive background check. Home health aides will be knowledgeable in infection control, senior nutrition, safety and emergency procedures, and senior rights.

What is the Right Amount of Care for You?

Whatever your level of independence, there is a schedule of care that will work for you.

The lowest level of care is respite care. Respite care will cover the gaps in help you can experience when your regular care provider is unavailable for any reason. Respite care will provide care for hours or days at a time.

Use respite care to get a feeling for the quality of care an agency will provide, before contracting for a more comprehensive schedule.

Use part-time care to give yourself some needed care when you know you’ll need it. Whether it's laundry and housekeeping, routine errands, or help with medications and health checks, you can schedule part-time care that helps you when you need it.

Full-time care is ideal when a senior needs someone to assist them with all sorts of regular tasks, routines, and medical assistance. If a senior has lost much independence, there are agencies that will schedule round the clock care.

Choosing Your Kansas City In-Home Care Provider

There are many resources that Kansas City seniors can use to choose the right in-home care provider for their needs. Ask friends and family who have experience with in-home care providers for advice and what they learned about choosing a good local service provider.

Assemble a list of potential in-home service providers using internet search, then use the internet to check the reputations of those providers.

Don’t forget that you can legally hire your own in-home help. While this can steeply reduce the cost of in-home care, there are some caveats:

You will be responsible for payroll, withholding, substitutes, vacation days, and a plethora of employer concerns.

You’ll have to check the background and education of the employee.

You’ll be liable if the staff you hire is injured on the job, paying unemployment if you fire them, etc.

How to Pay for In-Home Care 

There are many ways to pay for your in-home care. Senior homeowners can use the proceeds of a reverse mortgage to pay for in-home care. Under certain circumstances, long-term care insurance will pay for in-home care. If you’ve been diagnosed with a medical condition that necessitates help with daily activities, your long-term care policy could pay for your care.

If you’re a low-income senior, Missouri State Medicaid may defray much of the cost of in-home care if you qualify. 

Always speak to your financial/legal professional before making a big financial decision to finance your in-home care needs. Many choices you make may have tax consequences that could impact you depending on your unique circumstances.

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