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Things to Do in Jersey City

With more than 264,000 people living in Jersey City, there has to be plenty to do to keep everyone entertained. Artistic views, fresh garden air, fair time fun, and much more keeps residents and tourists alike busy any day of the week. Explore your options and fill your time with fun activities.

Stimulate Your Mind With Artistic Views

MORA, or the Museum of Russian Art, stimulates your mind with more than a few picturesque views. Founded in 1980, this building features paintings and works on paper primarily depicting Soviet nonconformist ideals. It sits at 80 Grand St.

Duda Penteado focuses on the creations of a Brazilian-American artist. His sculpture museum allows you to see his work and explore interesting views you may otherwise not get the chance to see. Visit at 365 Danforth Ave, after calling (201) 780-5282 for available hours.

Revisit the Past at Historical Sites

The Jersey City Landmarks Conservancy works to preserve and landmarks in the city. You can plan a tour through the Conservancy that allows you to see all of the historical sites they have marked. The Bergen Arches, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Hudson & Manhattan Railroad Powerhouse, and Peter Stuyvesant Monument are the causes the organization has worked so hard toward completing.

Breathe in the Fresh Outdoor Air

When you want to get outside and enjoy some fresh air, head to Liberty State Park. It is open daily from 6 am to 10 pm. The park gives you access to fishing, trails, picnic areas, kayaking, and more. Lincoln Park is an urban option. It opens every day at 6 am and does not close until 10 pm. It spans more than 270 acres.

Hamilton Park is a great area if you have a dog you need to walk. There is a basketball court, playground, water area, tennis court, and more. Washington Park has a similar feel, also providing space for dogs, a playground, and tennis.

Participate in Fair Time Fun

The All About Downtown Street Fair takes place in September. Enjoy a meal from one of the food trucks, purchase homemade jewelry or other goods, or walk around and take in the views. The event gets sponsored by some of the top businesses in the city.

Find Somewhere to Relax

The Zahara Day Spa is one of the most well-rated options in Jersey City. Body treatments help to restore your body and skin to a more youthful look and feel. You receive a massage while you get the treatment for a truly relaxing experience. If you would rather skip the procedure, you can choose from several massage options instead. Aromatherapy, Deep tissue, Swedish, heck, neck and shoulder, and the reflexology are the main choices.

The Serenity Day Spa provides another possibility in the area. The staff therapists offer suggestions for services based on your needs. You can get a facial, body treatment, or massage. The massage therapy options include a Swedish, deep tissue, aromatherapy, hot stone, and reflexology.

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