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Medicare in Jersey City

662,619 people live in Hudson County, and over 69,000 of them use Medicare for their health needs. Many of those beneficiaries are seniors, and if you have questions about your coverage or want to learn more for an elderly relative, you can find everything you need through local and online resources.

A Brief Summary of Medicare Coverage

Medicare is a federally funded health care program for adults that are 65 and older as well as some others who have disabilities. There are four parts to Medicare, and while most people use Part A and B, each one covers something different.

Part A is for inpatient services. These services include staying at a hospital or skilled nursing facility, and it could also cover hospice or in-home health care.

Part B is for outpatient services. That could include doctor appointments, preventative services, and medical equipment as needed.

Part C or the Medicare Advantage Plan allows your private insurance to cover Part A and B while also offering a prescription program.

Part D is an additional prescription coverage plan for Original Medicare.

A Few Statistics from Hudson County Medicare Usage

There are 50,161 fee-for-service beneficiaries, and 19,565 Medicare Advantage plans in Hudson County.

Hudson County has a much higher per capita rate than national costs at $12,564 compared to $9,501.

The average beneficiary age is 72.

Hudson County has higher rates of Type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease than national averages.

Medicare in the county spends most of its money on inpatient services followed by skilled nursing facilities.

Location of Jersey City Medicare Offices

If you need help with any Medicare need, there are a few places to look. New Jersey is part of Region 2 for Medicare, and the regional office is in New York. Locally, you can find Medicare assistance at the Social Security Office in Jersey City. Not only can they help you get things like a new Social Security card and assistance with payments, you can also apply for Medicare benefits and make an appeal in person.

Jersey City Social Security Office

325 West Side Avenue

Jersey City, NJ 07305

(800) 772-1213

The office is near the NJ Light Rail Train as well as Bayonne/Jersey City Line #10 or the Montgomery & Westside bus line. You should call ahead to arrange an appointment to minimize your wait because the offices are only open from 9 to 4 pm Monday through Friday and they close at noon on Wednesdays.

Finding Medicare Services and Providers

You can use the Physician Compare to look for doctors and group practices in the Jersey City area. If you search geriatric medicine, there are over 200 results within 10 miles. You can adjust the search filters to find different specialists or look for other providers.

By clicking the name of the practice or doctor, you can learn more information about them. You can get an address for their office, see their board certifications, find out where they did their residency and see what hospitals they have privileges. Medicare will soon add the ability to search only for doctors instead of only group practices.

A similar tool, Nursing Home Compare, helps you find facilities in the area and compare them to other ones nearby. There are over 300 Medicare facilities within 25 miles of Jersey City, and with each entry, you can see their overall rating and look at health inspections or quality standards. For other services like rehabilitation or dialysis, you can use these search tools.

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