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Medicaid in Jersey City

Without New Jersey Medicaid, a significant number of state residents would be unable to access the medical care they need to maintain their health and dignity. New Jersey’s residents rely on Medicaid benefits in ever increasing numbers as the average age of the population slowly rises resulting in a larger percentage of people who qualify for age alone.

Economic problems in many of the state’s population centers, as well as increasing numbers of undocumented and financially disadvantaged immigrants also means that the Medicaid system is needed more than ever as a lifeline to critical medical care.

New Jersey Medicaid benefits assist the majority of nursing home residents to access the nursing facility care they need and also pays for in-home care for countless people aged 65 and over. If you feel that you’ll need access to Medicaid soon, or need help now to pay for the long-term care options that you need, keep reading to learn about:

How to apply for your Medicaid benefits

What services Medicaid will pay for

Who can apply for New Jersey Medicaid

Qualifying for Medicaid in Jersey City

New Jersey Medicaid will generously cover broad categories of vulnerable people so they can afford medical care.

A short list of some of the Medicaid qualifying categories of state residents:

Women who are pregnant

Children under age 18

Low-income individuals and families

People over the age of 65, and people who are blind, deaf or otherwise disabled

Families with children 18 years and younger

Women without medical insurance and diagnosed with cervical or breast cancer

All Illegal immigrants that need emergency care

Help with Your Jersey City Medicaid Application

Visit the New Jersey Medicaid website and start the online Medicaid application process.

Within New Jersey Medicaid there are several special programs intended to meet the particular medical requirements of certain groups of people who could not otherwise qualify for the Medicaid program. These groups include Medical Emergency Payment Program for Aliens, NJCEED - New Jersey Cancer Education and Early Detection Program, and Home and Community-Based Services for people with disabilities.

What Does Jersey City Medicaid Cover?

For people and families that qualify, New Jersey Medicaid will cover access to broad categories of medical services.

Most important for New Jersey seniors; Medicaid will make it possible for financially disadvantaged seniors to maintain a high quality of life and the dignity they deserve in a quality nursing home facility. Medicaid will also cover the cost of in-home care such as home health aides and visiting nurse service.

New Jersey Medicaid pays for a plethora of critical medical care as well:

All kinds of diagnostic tests, including MRI, CAT scans, x-rays, and blood tests

Any necessary cardiac care like surgery, organ transplant, and the cost of heart medications

Routine geriatric medical check-ups

All necessary post-surgical rehabilitative care

Travel to Jersey City Medical Appointments

All New Jersey Medicaid patients can use LogistiCare to schedule free transportation to and from medical appointments.

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