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Jersey City Veterans Support Groups

The Jersey City veteran population has grown exponentially over the years. As men and women in the military get older, they retire from service and head back home to live the remainder of their lives as civilians. It proves difficult for most people to acclimate to life back home, with many having trouble locating housing, education, employment, and health care. The town you live in does provide support. It is just a matter of finding the right resources to get you started. Here’s a brief look at what Jersey City offers.

Community Support

Jersey City Veterans Affairs, located at 280 Grove St, offers the veterans affairs department in the city. The building got established in 2002 and has grown strong since its first use. Now, former troops living in town have a place to go when they need to seek guidance on claiming benefits, obtaining a loan, fixing health issues, receive counseling and more.

The Jersey City Community-Based Outpatient Clinic sits at 115 Christopher Columbus Dr #201. Visit if you are in need of medical care and have a serious condition that needs assistance. The VA Nurse Helpline, at 800-877-6976, is available after hours and on weekends. You can even use the number during holidays to get the guidance you require.

Statewide Services and Support

Countless support services and organizations get offered in New Jersey. You can find some options by taking a look at the resource guide created for New Jersey veterans and their families. Multiple military support groups and family support groups get detailed in this list, so you have a safe place to go to discuss your thoughts and feelings. You can also receive guidance from others who have already gone through the process of looking for resources and attempting to file for benefits.

National Veteran Support Organizations

Three different VFW posts reside in Jersey City, providing a safe place for veterans to go when they want to talk. This national veteran support group encourages regular meetings with other veterans. The following posts provide that opportunity monthly:

Post 2294 Samuel R. Shelton Post - 98 Oak St.; 7:30 PM 1st and 3rd Tuesday

Post 132 Captain Clinton E Fisk Post - 300 Summit Ave; 13:30 4th Friday

Post 810 Police of Hudson County Post - 725 Montgomery Street; 1600 3rd Thursday

Showing Gratitude for Our Jersey City Veterans

Jersey City hosts a Veterans Day Parade each year. It typically starts at 9:30 am and runs the course of about a mile. A Resource Fair and Motorcycle and Vintage Car Show sometimes follows the parade at noon. Its location is Newark Avenue along the side of Dickinson High School and ending at City Hall.

Shops and stores join in on showing gratitude for past and present soldiers. Anyone with a military ID can receive the current discount offered at the time of issuance. Many provide a free meal while others give a discounted price on products. Watch your coupons when you go, though, because some are only good for the day while others are good year-round.

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