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Jersey City Senior Living

If you’re finding that it’s harder to get all your chores done or you have an illness that needs extra attention, you might want to consider senior care and living. There are so many options available to Jersey City seniors that you can find whatever you need. Whether you like your house and want to stay there or are ready for a new adventure and home, you can learn more about the senior living options in your area with this guide.

Cost of Senior Living

Let’s start with the big question on every senior’s mind: what will this cost? Jersey City is more expensive when it comes to senior care than compared to national averages. A private room in a nursing home here will cost around $142,168 per year compared to the $92, 378 annual national cost. Semi-private rooms are less expensive at $123,735 annually but still more money than the national average of $82,125.

In-home care is a little more affordable but still more expensive in Jersey City. Homemakers cost $49,718, and home health aides cost $50,336. The national averages for that care are $45,760 and $46,332 respectively. Assisted living has a national median of $43,539, and Jersey City averages are at $63,660. Adult day care costs about $20,800 per year for Jersey City seniors and $17,680 nationally.

With costs so high, you want to keep in mind that they will change over the years. The Genworth Cost of Care Survey expects all expenses in the Jersey City area to increase by 1 to 3% over the next five years. The only costs that might decrease are adult day care and assisted living.

Senior Care Options

More seniors are retiring now than ever before thanks to the baby boomer generation aging. That means there are also more services to choose from and the best way to know what will work for you is to understand a little about each option. You can decide to live in a new community with upscale amenities, or you can stay home and have someone come to you to provide care.

The At-Home and Community Service Options

These are a mix of community services and at-home options that allow you to age at home.

Homemakers take care of all personal and non-medical services in your home. This service could include things like cleaning, cooking, laundry, running errands, sorting bills, helping you get ready in the morning and so much more. Both Home Helpers of Jersey City and Angel Care serve this area but make sure they service your neighborhood. You want caregivers that are close in case of an emergency.

Home health aides can take care of personal care tasks, but they are also qualified to handle medical needs. Registered nurses and nursing assistants at places like Bayada Home Health Care can dress wounds, take vital signs, do IV therapy, monitor chronic conditions, and keep you on a medication schedule.

Adult day care keeps seniors busy and supervised during the day if their caregiver needs a break or must be away for the day. They will participate in various activities, meet with their peers, receive a snack or meal, and be watched by trained caretakers. There are also places like Sunflower Adult Medical Day Care that can take care of patients with Alzheimer’s or another disease.

Independent concierge services help seniors that need just a little extra help with things like walking their dog or picking up the groceries. You can go to Rover, Favor, TaskRabbit, Porch, Amazon Home Services, and Handy to find help for any task or chore.

Questions for At-Home and Community Services

Do some research before you hire anyone to come into your home. Ask for suggestions from close relatives and trusted friends and read reviews on the Better Business Bureau. Don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions. These questions below should get you started.

Do they have insurance and are they bonded?

Does the state require permits to operate? Do they have them?

Are there employee background checks? Regular screenings?

What is the emergency or backup plan if something goes wrong or you need service during an unscheduled time?

Is there transportation to adult day care?

Assisted Living and Nursing Homes

You can also decide to move out of your house and into a facility. There are a few different kinds, and one of the nicest things is that many offer a continuum of care. A continuum of care is a set of services that will change and adapt to your needs as you age and your health changes, which means you can stay in one spot without having to move into another facility. You can also find communities that are more private and offer amenities.

Independent living is often called a 55+ community or senior living community. You get a private house and enjoy amenities like onsite restaurants, shops, salons, golf courses, and swimming pools.

Assisted Living offers services like housekeeping, personal care, and other amenities while also providing residents with staff to help in any way they might need. These are the facilities that most often offer a continuum of care.

Nursing homes provide medical care for seniors recuperating from surgery, illness or injury. There are both doctors and nurses on staff as well as therapists and other professionals that provide care.

Dementia care is specifically for patients with memory loss such as Alzheimer’s. These facilities have highly trained staff members that create a peaceful and safe environment for residents. There is also added security to minimize cases of wandering.

Questions to Ask About Assisted Living and Nursing Homes

What does the total cost include? Utilities, housekeeping, or cable?

Are there extra services available at an additional cost? What is the price list for those?

Can I use an independent service provider for non-health related tasks?

Is there a continuum of care? What will that look like when I need to use it?

Paying for Care

If you’re worried about paying for senior care, there are programs to help. The only lifestyle not covered is independent living, but you can use things like a retirement account Social Security, or a reverse mortgage to pay if you know all the ramifications of those options. Medicaid will cover care for low-income seniors that meet the eligibility requirements and veterans can use their VA benefits. Seniors with long-term care insurance should check their policy and see what’s covered.

Senior Events and Volunteering

Jersey City is an excellent place to retire because there are so many things for seniors to do here. You can find events specifically for seniors like monthly movie nights, exercise classes, dances, clubs, and more right in town. Retirement is also a great time to serve your community, and you can learn about volunteer opportunities through Serve Jersey City.

You can find more resources and information on assisted living, veteran support, respite care, and more through our in-depth guides on the website.

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