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Jersey City Senior Centers

Seniors in Jersey City never get left without anything to do. The opposite is true in fact. There are countless opportunities for retirees to get out of the house and partake in fun activities that will keep them entertained. Senior centers and similar spaces exist to keep older adults busy and provide them with a sense of community. You will meet tons of other people in similar situations when you attend, while also getting to play, learn, and explore.

Game Play

If games are your thing, check out the game room at your local senior center. There are always plenty of options to choose from so everyone can find an activity they enjoy. The Senior Spirit Day Center provides one possibility in the area. There are regular tournaments for experienced gamers. You can play bingo, dominoes, billiards, and foosball.

Crafts and Classes

If you want to take some classes or do crafts, there are plenty of choices for that as well. The Day Center has a garden where members can work to grow fruits, vegetables, and flowers. A pottery room provides a place for pottery and ceramics. Make an item to take home and put on display, or just try out some creations in the shop.

Education may be what you’re after each day. You can take a cooking class one time, a computer course the next, learn about nutrition and health after that, take English or Spanish, or get involved in one of the other educational opportunities that come about on rare occasions.

Physical Training

Senior Spirit provides an opportunity for exercise. There are daily workouts guided by the director, as well as walking groups that go around the facility. You can also participate in a low-impact workout program if you have walking difficulties or trouble with your legs.

Stage Time

If you want to be on stage or otherwise experience some dance or drama classes, there are options in Jersey City for you as well. Check out local options, such as Jersey City Dance Academy and Nimbus Dance Works to see if there are options available.

Social Activities

Being social proves difficult for some seniors. Sure you may get together with a friend when you play cards at the local senior center, but there is more out there to explore. If you want to partake in other social activities and meet new people in the area, try meetup. The site helps you connect with groups who have similar interests. There is a young seniors group, senior fitness for life, a 60+ young at heart club, and others.

Traveling Abroad

The Savvy Senior Ladies Travel and Theater Club provides one option in the Jersey City area. Meet up with others who enjoy the same activities and spend time traveling together. Local options are the primary focus, but the group goes farther out as well on special occasions. You can also speak with a senior center advisor to see if group travel opportunities are coming up soon. Many have occasional offerings that allow groups of seniors to get together and go safely to either a unique location in the city or somewhere within the state.

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