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Jersey City Respite Care and Adult Day Care

Finding a safe place for your elderly loved one to go while you are away may seem like a difficult feat. The truth of the matter is that there are multiple nearby locations in the Jersey City area for you to bring them. Respite care and adult day care was designed with caregivers and seniors in mind. These options provide a safe space for older adults to be when their loved ones cannot meet their care needs for the day.

Understanding Respite Care and Adult Day Care

Respite care and adult day care are temporary solutions. You are not dropping your loved one off at a facility where they will now live, like an assisted living center. You are instead dropping them off for a day of fun and activities so you can either head to work or get some of your own errands completed. They will simply go from the morning until the afternoon or evening, and be home the rest of the night.

Adult day care facilities offer a variety of features. These features allow seniors to partake in interaction with others and show off their social skills. Social interaction is something many seniors do not get to experience on a regular basis, especially if they are relatively immobile.

Each center may have a different way to go about things, but most typically are set up in a similar manner. They have a set schedule that allows seniors to see what they will be doing throughout the day. This plan often includes exercise times, meal times, arts and crafts, music, and simple social interaction through talks or even debates.

Considering Adult Day Care Providers in Jersey City

There is not only one option in the Jersey City area that you are forced to bring your loved one to each time. Several choices are available so you can make the best decision. Advanced Service Daycare Plus, Happy Days Adult Health Care, and Lutheran Senior LIFE at Jersey City are all possible choices.

Most are open from early in the morning, around 7 or 7:30, until 5 or 6 in the evening. This amount of time provides plenty of opportunities for seniors to participate in the activities they want, and receive enough social interaction for the day. Meals get provided during this time, so their dietary needs for the day are not a concern for their caregivers.

Determining Who Pays for Adult Day Care Costs

The person who pays for the daycare costs is either the caregiver or the senior attending the program. This determination may need to get made between the two. Either way, the costs are typically paid daily, as most adult day care centers offer daily rates for each visit. Not everyone attends the facilities every single day, and therefore must pay when they do come.

The New Jersey area is more costly than many other states throughout the U.S. Adult day health care can cost around $85 on average, with the highest prices reaching $115. This amount can add up to quite a bit if a person goes on a regular basis. Finding solutions in the area that help lower these costs is key.

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