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Jersey City Nursing Homes

Finding a nursing home can seem like a daunting task if you don’t know what you’re looking for or don’t know much about these facilities. There are so many unique types of care that it’s important to learn as much as you can about each one. Fortunately, Jersey City is home to some excellent facilities like Valley View Rehabilitation and Health Care Center. Here, seniors can find rehabilitation services and skilled nursing care to meet a variety of needs. Cusak Care Center at St. Joseph’s Home is another example of the skilled nursing care that provides an extensive list of services and Alaris Health at Jersey City has both short and long-term care options.

You can use this guide to learn more about nursing home costs and services in the area as well as how to find the right home for your needs.

Facts on Nursing Homes

According to the sources American Health Care Association, Fast Facts; CDC, Nursing Home FastStats; CMS, Nursing Home Data Compendium; Administration on Aging, and Profile of Older Americans:

Between the years of 2004 and 2014, the population of 60 and older increased 32.5% and 1 in seven Americans was considered an older adult.

There were 15,600 nursing homes in the US in 2014 with about 1.7 million beds.

New Jersey has 366 certified Medicaid and Medicare facilities.

There was an occupancy rate of 86.6% in New Jersey in 2014.

57% of the care in nursing homes is covered by Medicaid.

How Long Do Most Seniors Stay in A Nursing Home?

On average, seniors will stay about three years in a nursing home, but this isn’t the case for each senior. Many contributing factors could lead to a stay of a few weeks to a few years. For instance, because women tend to live longer than men, they also live longer in a nursing home setting. More serious health conditions could also lengthen a nursing home stay.

Most residents are in a nursing home for longer than 100 days, but some patients are only there short-term. Seniors who have just had surgery or are recovering from an illness might go to a nursing home before they go home instead of staying in the hospital the whole time. A good example of this is a senior who broke a limb in a fall but has a good prognosis. They might get therapy in a nursing home and then return home if there are no complications.

Respite care also counts for a portion of the short-term stay population in nursing homes. Family caregivers are often on duty for 24 hours a day seven days a week which can be draining. Nursing home respite care gives them the opportunity to take some time off and go on vacation to recharge before resuming their duties. Respite is also a suitable time to test out some facilities for future long-term care needs.

What Services Are Offered in Nursing Homes?

If you don’t have any experience with a nursing home, you might have no idea what they do there. Nursing homes are a step down from hospitals regarding care, but they offer plenty of services. Personal care tasks like getting dressed, taking a bath, and getting in and out of bed are provided by certified nursing assistants. Nurses handle medical needs like checking wounds, monitoring vitals, managing medication, and making sure patients get the therapy they require.

Physical, occupational, and speech therapy are standard treatments in nursing homes and can help patients recover faster. Seniors who have just had surgery or are recovering from a fall can benefit from physical and occupational therapy. Speech therapy helps stroke patients regain speech and learn how to chew and swallow again. There is also hospice care for patients with a life ending illness. This service helps patients manage their pain and affairs and provides support to their families.

Residents also enjoy meal plans that can be customized to suit their dietary needs. Meals also serve as a chance to socialize and interact with peers because residents often eat in a communal area. Residents can also eat in their room if they need assistance or don’t want to be around others.

Social events are important because they help residents stay happy and keep their minds sharp. Activities might include game groups, trivia nights, movie screenings, arts and crafts, therapy dogs, daily outings, and senior exercise classes. Religious services are also common as well as corresponding holiday celebrations, Bible studies, and prayer groups.

While it might not seem like a big deal to most of us, grooming services are essential in nursing homes. A new haircut or a fresh manicure can go a long way to helping residents feel better about themselves and their appearances.

What Is the Cost of Nursing Homes in Jersey City?

New Jersey senior care is costly across the board and Jersey City has some of the highest averages. The yearly cost for a private room is $142,168, and for a semi-private room, it is $123,735. This breaks down into a monthly cost of $10,311 to $11,847. In Ocean City, the monthly costs are between $9,125 and $9,916, while the Atlantic City costs are between $8,821 and $9,809.

While these costs are high, there are many contributing factors. The location and size of the facility can change the price as can the services you use and how long you need to stay there. Medicaid does cover nursing homes for low-income seniors, and a few nonprofit homes might be willing to work with you on a lower rate based on your income.

How Do I Find the Right Nursing Home?

Research is an important part of finding the right nursing home, so don’t skip it. If you’re pressed for time, family members and close friends can help with the search. A senior advisor might also be a wise choice. You want to make sure the nursing home you choose meets your health needs and fits your lifestyle. It should also be properly licensed, have a good inspection report, and resolve complaints quickly.

If you can, try to visit as many facilities as possible. You can check the cleanliness while you’re there and see how the staff works with the residents. You can also talk with current residents to see how they feel about their environment. Ask to eat a meal in the cafeteria and get a feel for the home before you make your decision. Online reviews can be helpful with your search and recommendations from health care providers and relatives are useful. For more information on how to choose a nursing home, you can visit Care Conversations.

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