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Jersey City Funeral Homes

Attempting to find the right funeral home for your deceased loved one is no easy feat. That reason is why it is recommended to begin the planning process before he or she has gone anywhere. If you start thinking about funeral arrangements while your loved one is still alive, it can help you get everything accomplished so that there is little left to do during your true grieving process. Jersey City funeral homes can help you find the best solutions, but be aware there are some important aspects to consider on your own without their added pressure of picking the most expensive package for all its added features.

Funeral Home Services and Your Rights as a Customer

Customers are protected by federal law when it comes to their rights to choosing funeral home services. The Federal Trade Commission has various mandates described, including obtaining pricing lists before selecting goods and services, the ability to buy a casket elsewhere, declining embalming, and more.

The state of New Jersey also has rules for such things. Funeral homes must not place two dead bodies in one coffin or urn without prior consent from the consumer. This procedure typically does not get done at all unless a person would like spouses, siblings, etc. buried together. Businesses are also not allowed to sell or otherwise advertise prepaid funeral services unless they are a licensed facility that follows state guidelines. The consumer must agree to all of the terms outlined in the prepaid service arrangement if one gets made.

Picking Your Funeral Home

Service options and caskets are not all you have to worry about during planning. You need to start by choosing which funeral home even stands out to purchase from in the first place. Many options exist in Jersey City, but not all are going to meet your criteria for an ideal funeral business. You can start by asking around and see which family members and friends have recommendations on the best places they have seen.

The State Board of Mortuary Science of New Jersey keeps a list of all licensees in the area. Check the list if you want to see whether or not your top funeral home picks make the cut. If they are on it, they have an approved state license and can operate their business. If they are not on it, they are not a reputable company and should be avoided until they obtain a proper permit.

Setting Your Budget and Sticking To It

Emotional decisions can cost you a considerable amount if you are not careful. Try not to let your emotions get the best of you, which may lead you to select the most outrageous prices simply because you feel it will honor your loved one more. Professionals recommend starting the planning process before your family member has departed. Set a budget that you know you can pay and stick to it. Doing so will help you stay on track during the planning process and find the best services for your needs without going over the top.

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