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Jersey City Estate Sales

When your loved one moves into an assisted living facility or dies, you might be left to take care of their possessions. This can be an emotional task and a big undertaking. You might not realize the sentimental value attached to everything, and it can be difficult to decide what to keep, sell, or throw away.

It’s also possible that your relative has a lot of stuff. Most of us do as LA times reported in 2014, the average US home has around 300,000 items. Increase that number significantly if your loved one liked to collect things or never threw anything away. This is where an estate sale professional can come in handy. They know how to quickly and efficiently go through everything and make sure you get the most from the process.

The Process of An Estate Sale

The estate sale company you choose will work to get you the most money for your possessions. Many of them have appraisal certification and know how to price items based on their worth and the local market. If you want a description of the estate process, you can check out New Jersey Estate and Moving Sales, but most companies will start with a consultation. They will go through the house and assess your items and then price them reasonably.

Once the walk-through is complete, they will have you remove everything you want to keep. Then they will go through and clean the house and set everything up for the sale. They will make sure they arrange your items to appeal to shoppers and take care of any advertising to draw in people.

The day of the sale, the company will have employees on-site to answer questions, work with shoppers on sales, and handle security. If you have decided to hold an auction, they will be the ones to run that. You can stay in the house the entire time, but if you would prefer to be away, you can leave.

After the sale is complete, the company will help you figure out what to do with the leftover items. Many have connections to local charities and donation centers. They will also meet with the executor of the will to go over the details of the sale as well as write you a check for your portion of the sales. Wrapping everything up can take a few days.

How Much Do Estate Sale Companies Cost

You will have a few different charges and fees once everything is said and done. The initial walk-through might be charged per hour while some companies, like Jersey Estate Sales, offer free consultations. You will also pay a percentage of the sales to the company. This can vary from place to place but is usually around 35%. The size of the house, the number of items for sale, and condition of the home can also change the price. If the house requires excessive cleaning or there is a lot to sell, you could pay more.

Finding A Jersey City Estate Sale Company

Talk to friends and neighbors to get suggestions or get a referral from an attorney. You can read online reviews, just double check to see they are from clients, not shoppers. The BBB of New Jersey has a few entries, but there are others throughout the state. If you choose a company from the American Society of Appraisers or the International Society of Appraisers, you should find some reputable businesses. Once you make your choice, be sure to sign a contract that states all services and their charges before you begin.

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