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What’s the Cost of Living in Jacksonville, FL?

The cost of living of our preferred city is one of the first factors that most of us take into consideration as we prepare to retire. Thankfully, the cost of living in Jacksonville is below what you would find in the rest of the country.

According to Forbes’s figures from July of 2016, the cost of living in Jacksonville is 1.8 percent below the national average. But, how does Jax compare to the rest of the country when it comes to major expense areas for seniors?

Housing Costs in Jacksonville

In Jacksonville, home prices and rents are going up steadily. This is likely to continue into the near future due to the city’s strong job growth and the steady stream of new residents moving here. The median home price in Jacksonville is $158,500 according to the July 2015 numbers. For retirees who prefer to rent, you can expect to pay an average of $908 per month in Jacksonville for a one-bedroom apartment. A two-bedroom unit will cost you about $1,122.

The Price of Food in Jacksonville

Though Jacksonville is affordable in most expense categories, there are still a few areas where it is costlier. For instance, groceries are slightly more than the national average in Jax. Jacksonvillians spend an average of just one percent more than the United States average for their groceries. To give you an idea of what common items cost in the city, a gallon of milk in Jacksonville costs an average of $3.74, a dozen eggs are $2.71, and a pound of boneless, skinless chicken breasts will run you $4.05 according to numbers obtained in July of 2016.

Transportation Expenses in Jacksonville

Transportation in Jacksonville is much more expensive than the national average. In fact, residents spend an average of twelve percent more for transportation. A lot of this has to do with the long commutes in the area, which most retirees will not have to worry about. As of July of 2016, the gas prices in Jacksonville range from $1.78 to $2.39 per gallon. Auto insurance is slightly higher than the national average in Jacksonville. Residents spend an average of $1,233 per year on insurance versus the nationwide average of $1,099.

The Cost of Senior Care in Jacksonville

For the most part, senior care is more expensive in Jacksonville than the rest of the country. The exception is assisted living. A private room in a Jacksonville assisted living facility will cost you an average of $36,300 per year versus $43,539 nationally. On the other hand, home health care is over a $1,000 more per year in Jacksonville than the national average. Adult day health care is $20,930 in Jacksonville compared to the national median of $17,680. And, the price for private rooms and semi-private rooms in nursing homes in Jacksonville are $93,075 and $85,045 respectively.

To make certain you are getting the most out of your retirement funds in Jacksonville, be sure to comparison shop for housing based on pricing, low-cost transportation alternatives, and walkability.

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