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Medicare in Jacksonville

In Duval County, over 137,000 people were on Medicare in 2014, and many of those receiving the benefits were seniors. If you’re searching for answers to questions about the program for yourself or helping a loved one better understand their options, you have both online and community resources in Jacksonville that can help. Here we discuss where you can find information on who qualifies for the program, coverage details, and doctors, hospitals, and nursing homes who accept Medicare in your area.

What you need to know about Medicare coverage

American seniors who are ages 65 and above qualify to participate in the Medicare insurance program. Adults outside of this demographic may qualify as well if they have specific medical conditions and meet the criteria. The program is comprised of four parts that provide coverage: Parts A, B, C, and D.

Part A is responsible for insuring hospital care, some qualifying home health and skilled nursing care, and care provided by hospice.

Part B is responsible for insuring visits to your physician and specialists, qualifying outpatient services, medical supplies and well checks.

Part C is also called Medicare Advantage and is an optional program. Administered by a private third-party insurer, Part C will cover everything included in Parts A and B and will often also have benefits that cover prescription medications.

Part D is responsible for prescription drug coverage and is an optional add-on part of the program.

Medicare beneficiary fast stats for Jacksonville

137,046 people were on Medicare in Duval County in 2014.

The average age of someone receiving Medicare in Duval County was 71 years old in 2014.

36% of Duval County Medicare expenditures were allocated towards inpatient care.

Seven percent Duval County Medicare expenditures were allocated towards home healthcare.

10% of Shelby County Medicare Duval County Medicare expenditures were allocated towards skilled nursing care.

Jacksonville Medicare face-to-face help

If you have questions about Medicare, your benefits, or need assistance applying for the program, you can visit one of two area Social Security offices. They are located at: Address: 7185 Bonneval Rd #1, Jacksonville, FL 32256 Phone:(877) 409-8424

Address: 1685 Dunn Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32218 Phone:(866) 635-0789

To find out the office that is nearest to your location, search by zip code here.

Finding Jacksonville Medicare providers

Conducting an online search of providers in your area who accept patients insured by Medicare is the quickest and easiest way to find a doctor. The online tool allows you to narrow your results by selecting a location, a specialty, and even whether or not a doctor accepts Medicare assignment. Doctors who accept assignment are contracted with Medicare for specific rates for all of their services, and will see patients without any fees in addition to your deductible and coinsurance. Some doctors may elect to accept Medicare, but not accept assignment. You can still go to those doctors, but know that you may receive a bill for the services.

By searching you can also click on the doctor name to find more information like their location, contact information, what hospitals they have privileges with, and you can do a side-by-side comparison with other physicians in their same practice. The website will soon expand its functionality to allow you to compare doctors across multiple practices during your search.

Medicare also has online tools to let you quickly search for other medical needs like nursing homes, dialysis centers, home healthcare, medical equipment providers, and to find details on the providers.

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