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Medicaid in Jacksonville

Medicaid provides health care services and coverage to more than 4.6 million seniors. In Florida, there are more than half of a million Floridians who rely on this health care coverage to pay for heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other illnesses. Medicaid plays a huge role in the lives of seniors who suffer from some type of serious condition. While Medicare covers most expenses for seniors, those who have a low income find that Medicaid coverage helps to fill in the additional care that is required as they age.

How to qualify for Medicaid in Jacksonville?

In order for a senior to qualify for Medicaid benefits, they have to be over the age of 65. There are also certain income stipulations that must be met in order to receive these benefits. One of these stipulations is that their income is below a certain level, including assets (typically this does not include a person’s home or their vehicle).

Is there any help available to apply for Medicaid?

In the state of Florida, Medicaid services are administered by the staff at the Agency for Health Care Administration. A person’s eligibility is determined by the Social Security Administration, for those who receive SSI benefits. Applying for assistance is as easy as visiting the website. For those who need assistance with the application process, they can use services such as the Medicaid Consultants, which is a business located in the city of Jacksonville helping seniors navigate through the often complex process of applying for benefits.

Seniors can also use the ACCESS Florida system, which allows a person to connect with their information 24/7. The local DCF office can also provide assistance, for seniors who may not understand or be able to fill out the application.

What type of coverage is offered by Medicaid in Jacksonville?

When a person is found to be eligible for benefits, they will be eligible (potentially) for nursing home coverage. To determine this, an HCBS/Waiver must be completed.

Other services that are covered by Medicaid include dental work and services, lab and x-ray services, outpatient hospital services, medical supplies, blood and oxygen transfusion, physical therapy, rehabilitation hospital care, medical supplies, therapeutic services, nursing care, diagnostic services and mental health care.

Transportation assistance offered by Medicaid

Non-emergency transportation is often available for seniors who need rides to doctor’s appointments or other health related services. It is important to determine if a medical transportation service is covered under the policy that is held. This information is available by calling the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration at 888-419-3456.

A person can also contact the Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged by calling 866-374-3368, extension 5700 or by contacting the CTD’s list of transportation coordinators. It is important to let the person who answers know of any special needs the senior may have, which includes whether or not a wheelchair lift is necessary.

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