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Jacksonville Veterans Benefits

There are many benefit options available to veterans who earn them in exchange for their service. While the programs are abundant, applying for and utilizing the benefits can sometimes be a complicated process. Veterans in the Jacksonville area can reach out to local agencies that will assist with obtaining the healthcare, employment, and housing benefits that are available through state and federal programs.

Health care programs that meet the needs of Jacksonville vets

Healthcare through the VA is a program that most veterans qualify for, although some may not be aware of it. Vets who completed their active-duty service period and were not discharged dishonorably, as are veterans of the National Guard and Reservists who served during their federal period and meet other qualifying criteria. Vets apply directly with the VA and are divided into priority group to determine their application status and approval.

The North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health System operates a dozen clinics in cities throughout the region, including one in Jacksonville. Patients that visit the Jacksonville VA Outpatient Clinic can access both primary and specialized medical care, as well as surgical, dental, nursing, and mental health services. Medically complex patients with greater needs may be transferred to the large VA Medical Center hospitals in Lake City or Gainesville for additional treatment. Family members who care for a veteran loved one can also access support services and in-home care options through the VA.

Housing programs available to veterans

The Jacksonville Housing Authority has many helpful online resources for veterans looking for subsidized housing options in the city. The VA also administers a number of federal programs that provide vets with funding to purchase and maintain their homes, avoid homelessness, and cover the costs of long-term care. Some of the available programs are:

Home loan programs for vets to purchase a new home

VASH program that provides subsidies for low-income veterans to avoid homelessness

Property tax breaks for veterans who received an active-duty injury

Home improvement loans to cover the cost of renovations and modifications for accessibility

Nursing homes specifically for Veterans in the state of Florida- nearby locations are in Daytona and Lake City

The North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health System also provide programs that offer assistance to area vets who are homeless or at risk of losing their home. Emergency shelter services are available, as are programs that assist with employment, education, and health care.

The VA Medical Foster Home program is another housing option for vets who need a place to live, and also need a hand with day to day tasks from a caregiver. The VA matches veteran participants with a caregiver in a private home who will include the vet in their daily life and assist with things like preparing meals, transportation, and personal grooming.

Other Jacksonville resources for veteran benefits

Veterans in Jacksonville can also ask for assistance from the Jacksonville Vet Center, the Veterans Resource Center, or the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs. Each of these agencies have staff available to help vets, their families, and their survivors to navigate the benefits process.

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