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Jacksonville Senior Movers and Downsizers

While downsizing and getting rid of belongings is often necessary for seniors later in life, it’s a daunting task for most. David J Ekerdt, a professor of sociology and gerontology at the University of Kansas, says that downsizing is an emotional task. He adds that it’s hard to quantify the attachment that people have to their possessions. He also says that the probability of people divesting themselves of their belongings decreases each decade after age 50. Seniors don’t have to do it alone. Senior moving companies are increasing in response to the need for senior downsizing.

Budgeting for Senior Moving Costs

Most senior moving companies will do an initial consultation and provide a quote. Seniors can get as little or as much help as they need. Senior mover services will help sort, pack, and coordinate the move. Once things are moved, they will also help with unpacking and arranging things in the new living space. Senior moving companies will ship items and dispose of items that need to be sold, given away, or thrown out. Seniors sometimes work better with an impartial, third party that doesn’t have an emotional connection to the senior’s items or home. Hiring professionals not only relieves the senior of the pressure of downsizing, it takes away some of the burden that is placed on adult children as well.

Senior Moving Can Be a Slower Process

Most people think of moving as something that has to happen within a short space of time. Because of having a lifetime attachment to personal items, it’s often helpful for seniors to tend to the process of sorting and packing a little at a time. It’s helpful for many seniors to take their time in deciding which items they really want to keep. Many seniors find that it makes them feel better to know that things that were once important to them will be donated to charity or given to people that need them. It also takes time for seniors to make decisions about passing special items down to children and other family members.

Finding Senior Movers in Jacksonville

Action 9A has been in business since 1999, providing residential and commercial moving services. They business has a senior moving program where they will provide a detailed moving plan that includes arranging for donations, garage sales, or estate sales. They will also ship items to relatives, carefully pack and move keepsakes, and clean the home when all items are packed up. Movers will unload and unpack items at the new home including setting up kitchens and bathrooms, storing leftover belongings, and connect televisions, lamps, and clocks.

Veterans Moving and Storage, LLC provides free quotes on moving. Movers pack up one room at a time. They offer rates for partial packing of items that are difficult, cumbersome, or heavy, such as mattresses, appliances, and large furniture pieces. They provide all packing materials and will unpack items at the new residence.

The Florida Movers helps seniors streamline their move by giving them one point of contact. The business has a special service for moving art, antiques, pianos, and organs. They offer guaranteed rates and special packages and veterans get a discount.

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