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Jacksonville Senior Living

Being the 12th largest city in the country, you would think more people would look to Jacksonville when it comes to retirement. However, most people automatically think of locations such as Palm Beach County, Tampa Bay or even Miami when they consider retirement. If this is your way of thinking, you are missing out on a vibrant, fun and relaxing city in Jacksonville. There are already more than 85,000 people in the city who are over the age of 65, with more people reaching this milestone each day. As a result, now is the time to begin thinking about where you will retire and the type of community or location you would like to live in.

All About Senior Living in Jacksonville

Regardless of if you live there now, or if you are planning to move there when you reach your retirement years, knowing more about the city of Jacksonville can help you make your decision.

There are more than 57,000 acres parks and natural areas in the city. There is no state income tax. There are more than 1,300 golf courses in the state of Florida.

The Cost of Senior Living in Jacksonville

When you get older, you have to start thinking about how you will spend the remainder of your life. Many seniors are ready to move away from their large, empty homes to a lower maintenance location where they can be around other people who are at the same point in their lives.

For some, this will mean moving into a nursing home where they can receive care for medical issues they may be struggling with. For others, this means moving into a senior apartment where they can continue living independently but remain around others who are their own age. More information about the cost of these facilities is found here:

Licensed homemaker services (hourly cost): Between $16 and $29; $45,188 annually on average. Adult day care services (hourly cost): $57 to $75; annual cost of $16,640. Assisted living (private room): $1,225 to $5,500 per month; annual cost of $48,270. Nursing home care (semi-private room): $205 to $323 per day; annual average cost of $91,892. Nursing home care (private room): $225 to $334; annually $105,850 on average.

There are many seniors who move to Florida for the sand, climate and beautiful landscape. As a result, they are not ready to move into an assisted living facility or nursing home. In these cases, moving to a senior living apartment will be the best option. These are areas designed and exclusive to those who are over the age of 55. Many of these expenses are also based on the senior’s income. More information about this can be found by contacting the professionals from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, HUD.

Expectations and Considerations when Finding Senior Living Arrangements

If you are trying to determine the type of senior living location that is right for you, or for a loved one, there are a number of considerations that have to be made. For those who only need some assistance with daily living activities, then an assisted living facility such as Sunrise of Jacksonville or Cypress Village are smart options. Both these facilities were named the Best of 2016 by Senior Advisor. However, for those who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or other issues of dementia, then locations such as the Windsor at Ortega or Brookdale Mandarin Central are better suited for these care needs.

By asking a few questions you will be able to easily determine what type of care location is best. For those who need no care, then senior apartments are ideal. Take some time to find the location that is best suited to your particular needs and how you want to live.

Paying for Your Senior Lifestyle in Jacksonville

Perhaps the most stressful and overwhelming aspect for some is paying for care. There are some options, including selling assets, such as a home or stocks and bonds. Another option is to utilize a long-term care insurance policy. The help that is needed is going to be based on the type of care that is needed. Take some time to research all the options to find the one that best suits your particular needs.

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