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Jacksonville Senior Centers

Since Jacksonville has fantastic weather and a range of activities seniors can engage in, this city is without a doubt one of the best places a senior would want to settle after retirement. Seniors make up at least 14% of the population in Jacksonville, and the city has taken deliberate measures to ensure that this significant group of people feels at home here. Here is what a senior can expect in Jacksonville.

Places Seniors Can Play Games

Seniors love playing games that do not require so much energy to play, games such as Monopoly, cards, and Olympic type games specially organized for seniors. The Florida Sports Foundation hosts games such as basketball shooting, bowling, golf, swimming, table tennis and other types of games for seniors on a regular basis. First Coast YMCA has an active older adults program where seniors engage in many activities including adult basketball, board, and card games.

When Seniors Want To Keep Learning

The University Of North Florida (UNF) offers the Learning For a Lifetime program to seniors with the desire to increase their knowledge. Seniors who enroll for audit college-level courses in the UNF get their tuition fees waived. The Jacksonville Public Library offers computer classes for seniors, and The Cummer Museum offers educational programs where seniors and all other ages get an opportunity to learn about Art and the collections in the museum.

Where Seniors Go To Stay Fit

Almost all of the senior centers in Jacksonville have fitness programs for seniors, where some of the activities there including aerobics, weight lifting, or walking exercises. Seniors can sign up for the aging group exercise classes that 24 Hour Fitness offers, or they can make their way to Cypress Village, a luxury senior community that offers fitness classes and has an indoor heated pool as well as an outdoor gardening area, the ideal environment to keep fit.

Seniors With The Confidence To Take The Stage

The Dazzling Diamonds Dancers is one of the best dance groups for senior citizens in Jacksonville. Seniors can check them out, attend their practice sessions, and possibly get an opportunity to join the team and explore their dancing potential. Seniors with beautiful voices can join any of the senior choirs in Jacksonville, choirs such as the St. Mark’s Episcopal Adult Church Choir.

Where Seniors Get To Meet Up

Seniors in Jacksonville see each other at the fitness centers, they interact when playing games, and work together in dance and singing practice but the desire to meet even in different forums persists. Senior Meetups are a great way for the elderly sharing common interests to come together and explore their passions. Single seniors love to meet each other via different dating websites such as

What Jacksonville Seniors Do To Travel The World

Seniors enthusiastic about traveling come together to form travel clubs or communities. The above travel club can enlist the services of a travel agent to help them identify the ideal tours and the best travel packages for the group. Seniors have the advantage of clear schedules, because hardly will they need to go to work or attend a school like the younger adults.

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