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Jacksonville Neighborhood Guide

The only thing that some people know about Jacksonville is that it is the largest city by area in the mainland United States. When you have a city of its size, there are sure to be dozens of quality neighborhoods. Jacksonville does not disappoint. It is home to country-club suburbs, loft living in hip urban pockets of the city, and small-town exurbs. With the wide diversity in “The River City,” empty nesters and retirees are sure to find a neighborhood that is right for them.

Neighborhoods that Are Unique to Jacksonville

One of the most uniquely Jacksonville neighborhoods is the historic Springfield area. Southern Living named it the #1 comeback neighborhood in the South in 2010. It was first established in 1869 and contains gorgeous examples of 19th century and early 20th-century architecture. The area is designed to be pedestrian friendly, so you can take a nice evening walk to visit the many shops, restaurants, and parks.

Atlantic Beach is another walker-friendly neighborhood in Jacksonville. It is located between the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean. It is home to a new country club, delicious and affordable dining, and various parks and beaches.

Best Suburbs in Jacksonville for Retirees

Forbes recently published a list of “The Best 25 Suburbs for Retirement in 2015,” and there was one Jacksonville suburb on the list. Fruit Cove was highly ranked because it is near mass transit to the big city, has a good climate, good economy, and features an extremely low crime rate.

A good website to visit if you are looking for the best suburbs for retirees in just about any city in the country is Movoto. In fact, they came out with a list of The 5 Best Jacksonville Suburbs to Retire in. The rankings were based on the size of the senior population, home prices, cost of living, senior amenities, health care, crime, and more. The top suburb, according to Movoto, is Callahan because of its low cost of living and the many bungalow, craftsman, and ranch style homes. This small town features a farmer’s market and library branch.

Other suburbs on the list were Atlantic Beach, Bellair-Meadowbrook Terrace, Nassau Village-Ratliff, and Orange Park, which has more than 160 doctors, over 90 amenities, and one out of every five residents is 65 years of age or older.

Pick Your Own Ideal Neighborhood

Of course, just because you are an older adult, it does not mean that you want to live in a community full of people your age. Everyone has their own idea of what their ideal neighborhood is. Fortunately, The Coastal, an online magazine that serves Jacksonville and the surrounding areas, has created a simple quiz that shows you the perfect neighborhood for your needs. For instance, if you prefer to stay in, like walking, and buy local, the South Side would be right for you.

No matter what lifestyle you are looking for, Jacksonville is big and diverse enough to provide you with what you want. Have fun as you learn about the city and find your new home.

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