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Jacksonville Demographics and Lifestyle

If you are considering retiring to Jacksonville, you are making a great choice. From the constant warm weather to the backyard wildlife to the lush plants and trees, this city has a little bit of everything.

Were You Born to Live in Jacksonville?

The city of Jacksonville has an estimated population of 868,031, according to the 2015 Census Bureau figures. This is a 5.6 percent increase over 2010’s figures. As the city continues to grow, 59.4 percent of Jacksonville residents identify as white, 30.7 percent as black or African-American, 7.7 percent as Hispanic or Latino, and 4.3 percent as Asian. People born in another country make up 9.7 percent of the population and 13.8 percent speak another language other than English at home.

According to the Census Bureau’s 2010 figures, 10.9 percent of the population is age 65 and over. Females of all ages outnumber males at 51.5 percent.

If you are a veteran, you will feel right at home in Jacksonville. As many as 81,138 veterans live in the city.

What is the Weather Like in Jacksonville?

Jacksonville stays relatively warm even during the winter months. The annual high temperature is 79.9 degrees and the annual low temperature is 55.9 degrees. The summer months are the hottest with highs in the low 90s. The winter months can bring average high temperatures in the mid 60s and low temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s.

Storms can be an issue in Jacksonville as well as rip currents. The National Weather Service warns residents of Jacksonville and the surrounding areas to watch for rip currents. Even if the rip current risk is low, use caution when surfing and swimming. The currents can occur in the vicinity of jetties, inlets, and piers, according to the site. Stay at least 100 feet from these areas.

Always swim and surf at beaches with a lifeguard on duty. If you do get caught in a rip current, the National Weather Service recommends that you remain calm and not fight against the current. Instead swim out of the current in the direction following the shoreline. If you cannot break away from the current, float or tread water until you can get out of the current, then swim to shore.

Nature in Jacksonville

There is plenty of backyard wildlife in Jacksonville thanks to the close proximity of Jacksonville Beach. On any given day, you may see whales, dolphins, sharks, bald eagles, osprey, alligators, and otters. The city is also a bird sanctuary. Such species, like Wood Storks, Darters, Loons, Royal terns, Woodpeckers, and Pelicans, make their home in the area.

You can find several plants native to Florida in Jacksonville and Northern Florida, including amaranth, milkweed, tickseed, spotted horsemint, rudbeckia, black-eyed Susan, violets, southern maidenhair fern, century plant, bluestem grass, pawpaw, bromeliads, canna lily, crinum lily, flax lily, and autumn fern. As for trees, there are more than 60 different species and variants native to Florida in the area. Consider planting one of these trees at your new home in Jacksonville: Florida maple, red maple, red buckeye, devil’s walkingstick, river birch, American hornbeam, groundsel tree, hickories, buttonbush, eastern redbud, fringetree, swamp dogwood, hawthorn, and white ash.

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