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How Much Do Jacksonville Nursing Homes Cost?

There is no question that Jacksonville is a great place to spend your Golden Years. The beach, the pleasant temperatures, and all the things to do makes this place a paradise. With a current population of 853,382, Jacksonville’s population of people over the age of 65 is 10.9 percent. This equals out to be almost 90,000 people in this city alone who are already receiving nursing home care, or who will need it in the future. Understanding this type of long-term care will help prepare you and your family for future nursing home care needs.

Important Stats about Jacksonville Long-Term Care

Approximately 40 percent of all long-term care spending is paid for with private funds.

There is a total of 683 licensed nursing homes in the state of Florida, which represent just under 85,000 beds.

Florida has one of the lowest populations over the age of 65 to nursing home population ratio in the entire country.

Nursing Home Costs in Jacksonville

In Jacksonville, FL, the annual cost for a private room in a nursing home is $94,535. This number drops to $83,950 for a semi-private room in this city. This is slightly higher than the national averages for nursing home care, which are $90,520 and $81,030 respectively. While these are quite staggering numbers, the fact is, it gets worse. There are a number of nursing homes that charge additional costs for patients who need any type of memory care. Other services that are not typically included in the base rate are medication management, personal care, and special dietary needs, which are additional monthly expenses.

Living in a Nursing Home: What Can You Expect?

The move to a long-term care facility, such as a nursing home, will likely be much different than a hospital stay that you may have experienced in the past. While nursing homes can be similar to hospitals in some ways, many residents make this their permanent home, which means it is not unusual to see people sitting in the hallways, talking with the staff and simply doing regular, everyday activities.

While the transition can be somewhat challenging for some, when a senior needs additional care, the nursing home can be the absolute best location for them. They will receive around-the-clock, professional, and experienced care that ensures every single one of their needs is fulfilled. This is one of the most appealing aspects of moving into a Jacksonville nursing home.

Above and beyond care expectations

In addition to providing assistance with daily living activities, the staff at nursing homes also provide additional services. This includes occupational and physical therapy and daily activities. There is typically an activities director at these facilities that will ensure those who live or stay there have things to do on a weekly and even daily basis. This helps to ensure a senior’s cognitive function does not diminish and provides them with things to look forward to.

Nursing home must-haves

When you begin searching for a nursing home there are a number of things that you should demand. You need to demand that the staff is knowledgeable about senior care, and know how to handle various issues such as memory care and physical therapy. You should also demand that the nursing home provides clear communication with the resident as well as family members related to the care that is being provided. Not all nursing homes are created equal, and taking the time to find the right one will ensure the senior is comfortable and happy in their new environment.

Avoid Sticker Shock: Help Paying for Nursing Home Care

There is no question that it can cause a bit of sticker shock when you first receive the prices for nursing home care in Jacksonville. In order to handle these costs, some assistance may be needed. Besides paying out-of-pocket, which can cause many families to extinguish all their financial resources quickly, there are other options for payment.

One is the OSS or The Optional State Supplement. This is a financial grant for low-income seniors. There are both eligibility requirements and limits to what this program will pay.

Another option is CCE or Community Care for the Elderly. This is designed for seniors who need nursing home care, but who do not qualify for Medicaid coverage.

Another option to pay for nursing home care is to purchase a long-term care policy earlier in life. This will help to cover the expenses that come when long-term care is needed.

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