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Caregiving in Jacksonville, FL

Caregivers play an important role in society as the Baby Boomer generation enters into retirement age. Family caregivers take on the responsibility of aging parents as well as the responsibility of caring for their own immediate family and working full-time jobs.

The City of Jacksonville offers a myriad of solutions to help you balance the task of caregiving with your family and personal time. Respite care, adult day programs, and caregiver support groups are available in your area.

Taking a Vacation

Whether you are looking to take a vacation or need a day to recuperate and rest, Jacksonville has plenty of help to offer. In-home respite care is perhaps the easiest as your loved one can remain at home without having to travel to a facility. Home health aides will come to your loved one and provide the necessary care needed for daily activities. These aides are insured and bonded, so you can rest easy while taking a day off. According to the 2015 Genworth Cost of Care Survey for Florida, the average daily cost for a home health aide for eight hours is $168 or $21 per hour.

If you plan to take a vacation in the near future, a short-term stay in an assisted living community or skilled nursing facility can provide the level of care your loved one needs while you are gone. Residential respite care is available at most facilities and this option may seem a bit more expensive than in-home care. However, keep in mind that your loved one will have access to social events, activities, comfortable surroundings, and possibly, rehabilitative therapies.

Communities, such as Elmcroft of Timberlin Parc and Atria Park of San Pablo, provide meals, and beauty and barber-shop services on-site. The median daily rate in Jacksonville for a one bedroom in an assisted living community is $134. A private room in a skilled nursing facility is $290 on average.

An alternative to in-home respite care is adult day programs, also known as adult day care centers. Day programs can help seniors remain in their homes longer by providing care at a center while you are at work or taking some time off. Many programs employ nurses and offer activities to keep your loved one active and socially engaged. Some programs, like the All Saints Early Learning and Community Care Center Adult Day Care, provide music, crafts, exercise, field trips, meals, and caregiver support groups. The average cost of an adult day center is nicer on the family’s budget as well at $64 per day.

Taking Time to Socialize with Other Caregivers

Some adult day programs and hospitals offer caregiver support groups to meet the needs of family caregivers. Whether you feel you need care training or just someone to talk to about the challenges of caregiving, a support group is available near you.

The National Family Caregiver Support Program available through the State of Florida Department of Elder Affairs provides services to caregivers including:

Individual counseling Assistance to other care services Information about caregiving Support groups and training Respite care Supplemental services like housing maintenance and chores Legal assistance

These caregiver support groups and resources are available to family caregivers caring for seniors age 60 and older.

The Alzheimer’s Association provides caregiver support groups and other resources to those caring for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. It is a place where you can share both your concerns and experience with others trying to care for a loved one with the disease and balance a personal and family life. The support groups share information about resources available in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas. The Central and North Florida Chapter serves Jacksonville, and the support groups meet in several locations throughout the city in small groups.

Asking Someone Else to Provide Care

Sometimes care for an aging loved one can become overwhelming to the point that intensive care may be required. Assisted living communities and nursing homes can provide the needed care on an around-the-clock basis. Some assisted living communities provide a separate area for Alzheimer’s disease seniors with extra security and supervision to keep them safe and from wandering off.

Many facilities now offer an aging in place program that allows your loved one to remain in the facility as their health care needs change. If you are feeling your loved one would be better cared for in a community, speak with your family physician about recommendations. Financial planners and senior care advisors can help you choose the best help for your family’s budget.

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