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Top Irving Senior Discounts

One of the biggest perks of being retired is finally having the time to do the things you enjoy. You can finally spend your days doing what you want, and Irving is a great place to find something to do. There are plenty of places around town that have senior discounts or are entirely free. So, if you’re ready to check out your city, here is where you should start!

1. National Scouting Museum

Boy Scouts have been in America for over 100 years, and many children have learned a lot through this organization. Visit the museum and see the history of scouts, find out about their mission, and even look at beautiful works of art from artists like Norman Rockwell and Joseph Csatari.

2. Ruth Paine House Museum

In 1964, President Kennedy was assassinated. The previous night, alleged shooter Lee Harvey Oswald spent the night at Ruth Paine’s suburban home in Irving. Now a museum, you can see what the house looked like in 1963 and learn more about the events leading up to the murder. The museum and tours are free of charge, but groups are limited to 12 people or less.

3. Texas Musicians Museum

Lovers of Texas music will be right at home in the relatively new Texas Musicians Museum. Located in downtown Irving, this museum features exhibits, collections, and memorabilia celebrating Texas music. Admission is free, and on the weekends there are free live performances, although some are ticketed so make sure to check the schedule.

4. The Mustangs Of Las Colinas

The sculpture of nine bronze mustangs has brought visitors from all over the country. You can visit the sculpture as well as the museum that is right next to this work of art. You can learn all about the artist who created this statue and how much work went into making it come to life. Admission to the museum is free, and so are tours.

5. Irving Arts Center

The Irving Arts Center is home to performers from across the state and country. You can view live music, theater, and dance performances on the stages here. While those are ticketed events and cost money, you can take a free tour of the center and learn about its history and impact on the town. Tours are held Thursday and Sunday.

6. Mandalay Canal Walk

The Mandalay Canal Walk is located in the Old World part of Las Colinas. You can stroll along the canal and look at all the wildlife or take in the shops. There are also benches and picnic spots so you can sit back and relax.

7. Fritz Park Petting Farm

Get up close and personal with farm animals at the Fritz Park Petting Farm. This free farm has cows, goats, rabbits, peacocks, and more. You can take a guided tour and learn more about the animals and what they do on the farm. The farm is open Tuesday through Sunday.

8. Cimarron Family Aquatic Center

If you’re looking for a place to cool off or swim your laps, the Cimarron Family Aquatic Center is perfect. It is free for all senior citizens 55 and older. Check the schedule to see when open swim and lap swimming are available.

9. Beatrice M. Haggerty Gallery

This art gallery is located at the University of Dallas and features contemporary art and artists. The exhibits rotate every few months, so there is always something new to look at, and admission is free of charge.

10. Irving Dog Park

Man’s best friend deserves some fun too! If you’re a dog owner, head over to the Irving Dog Park. This park features benches, boulders, and shelters for pets and their owners. There is also a section for small dogs, so you don’t have to worry about them playing with bigger dogs.

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