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Irving Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

Rather than spending your retirement years in endless rounds of golf, or puttering around your home waiting for your next social gathering, why not find something productive to do?

During your working years, you were occupied with your job, mortgage, and raising children. If you had any other dreams or goals to pursue, they were put aside in the rush of your daily life. Now that your children are gone, the mortgage is paid off, and work isn’t consuming every other moment of your life. Take the chance to volunteer in a productive and enriching role.

Irving, Texas has many interesting volunteer opportunities that will make your retirement a time to learn new skills, and give back to the community.

The Irving Public Library

The Irving Public Library always needs volunteers to help out. You just need to complete an application, volunteer with a library representative, and attend an orientation.

The library has many different roles where you can help keep the Irving Library a valuable resource for everyone.

They need help preparing materials and craft supplies, repairing books and other library materials, and assist the library staff with the programs and classes they offer.

Help library patrons learn how to use a computer to conduct internet searches and send email. You can even help the librarian sort and re-shelve books and research materials.

Volunteer at Baylor Scott & White Hospital

Volunteer at Baylor Scott & White Hospital to help medical staff, patients, and their families. The Hospital has many interesting opportunities that will stretch your abilities, and introduce you to challenging situations.

You can find yourself assisting medical staff or providing support to patients and their family members. Volunteer and use your administrative talents to relieve the pressure on the busy hospital staff.

From candy stripers to clerks, and food service to emotional support, the Hospital needs volunteers to help carry the load.

Begin by filling out an application and passing a background check. You’ll have to provide proof of immunizations and take a tuberculosis test as well. After you pass through the process, you can choose to volunteer in:

Hospital support Family support Staff support

Volunteers are also needed in specialty programs and community support.

The Irving Police Department Citizens on Patrol Program

The Irving Police Department Citizens on Patrol Program is a way to help the community, learn valuable skills, and take part in an exciting mission.

The Irving Citizens on Patrol (ICOP) is a cooperative venture between the Irving Police Department and volunteer citizens. The ICOP program educates members about the problems in their neighborhoods.

You’ll issue citations, conduct patrols, and receive law enforcement training and certifications. If you’ve dreamed about a career in law enforcement, use your retirement years to actively pursue it.

Research the Possibilities

Research the possibilities using the internet, asking acquaintances, and by going straight to the places you’d like to volunteer and asking. There is a volunteer option for everyone who wants one. Make your retirement an exciting chapter in your life.

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