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Irving Retirement Planning

One of the most consuming concerns in many people’s lives is: how and when to retire?

No one looks forward to working well into old age, and we all try to put away money for the day when we leave our working years. Too many people put off focusing on the particulars of what constitutes a suitable retirement nest egg.

According to an article in Time Magazine, Transamerica conducted a retirement survey of over four thousand people. Over half of the people asked stated that they were only guessing how much money they would need. Even more of those people answered that they wish they knew more about retirement planning.

Irving, Texas and the surrounding area is populated by many suitable financial planners that can help you situate yourself properly for a secure retirement.

There are Many Factors to Consider

Comfortable post-retirement years require taking care of a variety of factors. A competent financial planner can help you find the best solutions for:

Long-term care planning as debility sets in

Health insurance after you’ve left employment

Health care in your geriatric years

Estate planning to distribute your assets according to your wishes

The amount of your monthly retirement income

The CF Board of Standards suggests that you familiarize yourself with these factors for a good retirement

Save yourself the time and trouble of familiarizing yourself with all these retirement issues with a financial planner who specializes in retirement planning.

Post-Retirement Income Concerns

Drawing down your retirement assets comes with complex issues. Withdrawing your money too soon or taking out too much can result in unforeseen costs.

Timing your Social Security benefits can influence how much you’ll be paid out monthly, depending on things like your birth year.

Use the CFP’s Experience and Knowledge

You need the advice of a financial planner to avoid making expensive mistakes as you start living off your retirement funds. Going off on your own can result in paying much more tax on your income, or collecting a much lower income than you could have otherwise.

How do You Find an Irving, Texas Retirement Planner

Finding a retirement financial planner is a difficult and involved process. You’re looking for someone you can trust to guide your retirement decisions in the right direction.

Start by asking people you trust who already have a retirement financial planner. Friends and family can start you in the right direction, and explain what benefits they’ve realized, or not.

You can use online resources to assemble a list of certified professionals. The Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards is a good source to start with. Use the searchable database and enter your zip code for a list of retirement specialists, and how you’d like to pay the planner.

The Better Business Bureau of Texas has a list of BBB-Accredited financial planners near Irving.

Look at Barron’s list of top financial planners in Texas to find someone to help your retirement plans come to fruition.

Meet With an Irving Planner

Meet with the planners you’ve found, and then select the best one for your retirement goals.

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