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Irving Nursing Homes

The transition from independent or assisted living to nursing home care can be emotional, and at times, a difficult one.  Fortunately, when it becomes necessary to make that move, Irving has a multiplicity of choices for seniors.

Nursing homes all vary in the amenities that they offer residents and the level of care that they provide.  There is a nursing home facility for just about every senior need, preference, and price level.

There are facilities like the Villages on MacArthur where facility programs can range from short-term care to bridge the gap between hospital and the eventual return to home living to long-term residency for seniors unable to manage in an independent setting.

Northgate Plaza is an Irving nursing home that is equipped with advanced medical technologies and specialized resources for seniors who need care like:

Intravenous therapy Physical therapy Speech therapy Occupational therapy

There are dozens of nursing homes in and near Irving that can make nursing home care dignified and enjoyable. Continue reading to learn about the costs, services, and other important facts about Irving nursing homes.

Irving Nursing Home Facts

According to the Centers for Disease Control’s Nursing Home FastStats, and Texas Long-term Care Partnership’s Long-Term Care Basics:

There are almost 30 different nursing homes in the Irving area, and dozens more in the Dallas region. According to 2013 figures, Texas has approximately 1,200 nursing homes with a capacity of almost 136,000 beds. Roughly two-thirds of seniors over 65 years of age will need long-term care at some point in their lives. 1 in 5 of seniors over 65 will need nursing home care for 60 months or longer. On average, a senior will reside in a nursing home for about 36 months.

How Long is the Average Nursing Home Stay?

As stated above, the average stay in a nursing home facility is approximately three years, but this is only the median figure.  Many other variables will determine how long someone will need care.  

Women live longer than men on average, so a woman can expect to need nursing home care longer than a man.  Seniors who are suffering from degenerative neurological diseases, vascular disease, cancer, and other serious, chronic health issues die sooner according to statistical measurements, meaning a considerably shorter term need for care.

Conversely, a nursing home stay isn’t always for the life of a senior.  Many times nursing homes are the most comfortable and effective way to provide necessary rehabilitative care for seniors to transition from a hospital setting back to their homes.

There is also a provision for respite care, so full-time caregivers can take time for themselves and enjoy a needed break from caring for their family member’s every need.

What Services do Nursing Home Facilities Provide?

Nursing home facilities provide a plethora of critical care services and amenities that can make any senior’s stay a pleasant and dignified period in their lives.  Each facility will have their unique mix of care, but all facilities will have certain services in common.

Seniors in nursing homes will receive assistance with bathing and hygiene when it’s needed, as well as help eating, dressing, and grooming depending on the senior resident’s level of independence.

Rehabilitative care for postoperative seniors is also a commonly offered service.  Joint replacement surgery patient rehab, post-cardiac and vascular disease care, and medical care related to chronic diseases such as diabetes, neurological degenerative disease, and stroke will usually be present in most facilities.

Meals will be prepared and served for seniors, prepared by professional food service personnel and designed to fulfill senior nutritional requirements and limitations.  Residents will also generally have communal spaces for eating, socializing, and recreation so that there are many opportunities for residents to enjoy healthy social interaction.

Nursing homes make provisions for hospice care since long-term residents will usually receive care until the end of life.

There is customarily a program of day-trips, classes, and entertainment to provide nursing home residents with fun activities to make their stay as enjoyable as possible.

The Cost of Nursing Home Care in Irving

The Genworth Cost of Care Survey for 2015 states that the median cost of care in Texas statewide and the Dallas/Irving area, in particular, are very similar at about $6,500 per month for a private room and a little less than $5,000 per month for a semi-private room in a nursing home facility.

While these are the average costs for nursing home care in the area, there is a wide range of what you might pay depending on the services, amenities, and location of any particular facility.

A larger room with a pleasant view in a desirable neighborhood will be much more expensive than a smaller room in a less impressive location.  The level of onsite medical care and presence of amenities like pools, beauty parlors, movie theaters, and similar items will always increase your monthly outlay for care.

Choosing a nursing home may involve some trade-offs to bring costs within your budget, but often you’re doing without amenities and services that you probably won’t miss because of your personal preferences of the state of your health.

If cost is an overriding concern, many nonprofits will negotiate a lower monthly fee for seniors who have few resources like Medicaid and limited income and assets.

What Should You Look For in an Irving Nursing Home?

The first thing you should do is try to find out about the facility’s reputation for quality of care and services.  An online search should reveal reviews by residents and families who have used a certain nursing home.  

Speaking with people that you trust about the experiences they have had with the nursing homes on your list will provide you with an honest, insightful review that will help you to decide the location that is best for your needs.

Asking the current residents what they think about living there is a fabulous way to learn about the home from someone’s first-hand experiences.  Finally, you can contact the Texas Dept. of Aging and Disability Services and ask about any of the nursing homes that you’re considering.

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