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The death of a loved one is an emotionally trying event in your life. Making funeral arrangements during such a state can be very stressful, especially if you haven’t familiarized yourself with everything that funeral planning involves beforehand.

There are many funeral homes in Irving, Texas that can help you make the necessary arrangements and provide for a dignified funeral service and burial. What you need to know is your rights and the funeral homes obligations so you may make educated decisions.

Keep on reading to find out what federal and state law mandate, and what your rights are when purchasing funeral services and items from a licensed Irving, Texas funeral home.

Your Rights When Dealing With Funeral Homes

Fortunately, you’re protected by federal and Texas state law when dealing with funeral homes. By law, a funeral home is required to be clear about their prices, upfront, by phone and in print.

Funeral homes are mandated by the Federal Trade Commission to allow you to purchase funeral products and services individually without having to buy a certain package offer. Furthermore, Texas state law requires that funeral service companies must give customers a comprehensive price list regarding services before even discussing arrangements with you.

What Other Rights Do You Have

You have the right to use any container other than a coffin for cremation, no matter where you live.

You may also use a casket or urn purchased some place else in the funeral home you have chosen.

The funeral home must have your permission to embalm your loved one. Additionally, you have the right to decline to embalm completely.

A Good Way to Familiarize Yourself

A good way to familiarize yourself with the range of funeral options available is to use the Dignity Memorial Funeral Network online planning tool. Not only can you use this tool to plan a complete funeral, but you can examine sample pre-planned funeral options. You will see funeral options to memorialize a range of interests, such as:

Culinary Enthusiasts

Sports Fan


Creole Plan

The Dignity Memorial planning tool may inspire you and educate you to make the best choice for a celebration of your loved one’s life and a respectful farewell.

How to Find the Right Funeral Home

While not always possible, the best way to approach funeral planning is before someone dies. After a death, time becomes an issue. Good decisions can’t be rushed, and the funeral service you had in mind can be compromised by expediency. Try your best to plan for the inevitable as soon as it is practicable.

The Better Business Bureau maintains a list of accredited funeral homes in Irving; try the BBB website to start your search. Make sure that the funeral home's license is current on the Texas Funeral Service Commission website.

Your Budget Matters

Don’t make a financial mistake because you’re experiencing the grief of loss. You need to plan for a funeral that you can afford. Write down everything that you want for a memorable service and burial or cremation, approximate the cost as accurately as possible, then stick to your plan.

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