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Life is full of financial complexities that must be figured out if we’re going to arrive at a secure and comfortable future.

From investment advice to budget guidance and estate planning, a certified financial planner can help you maximize the utility of your assets.

Instead of relying on your limited experience to manage your assets, hire a certified financial planner and make use of his training and knowledge.

You’ll have the confidence of knowing your decisions are being informed by someone who has dedicated their professional lives to managing assets and arranging financial matters.

The Irving, Texas area has no shortage of certified financial planners to help guide you.

When Should You Start Using a Planner?

While it is true that the need for a certified planner is commensurate with a number of assets a person owns, it’s not the whole truth. Start using a financial planner early and you can grow a small nest egg into something substantial quicker.

Find a competent financial planner as soon as possible to make the most of your money.

Locating a Certified Financial Planner

There is nothing more important when searching for a financial planner than finding someone reputable. A good planner will usually not reach out to you unsolicited.

Here you can follow some valuable sources of information that you can use in your search. The Better Business Bureau maintains lists of accredited financial planning consultants. Look here for a directory of BBB-accredited financial consultants in the Irving, Texas area.

You may also use the CFP Board of Standards database to search for a planner. Use different parameters such as:

Location Specialty Compensation style

The CFP Board of Standards database will help you find the best financial planner for your circumstances.

It’s also a good idea to ask people you trust for recommendations. Someone who already has a financial planner can be a source of valuable advice.

Do a Certification Check

Always check the status of a financial planner’s certification. Use the CFP Board certification check tool to find out essential information:

Find out the planner’s certification status Discover if the financial planner has ever been disciplined See if the planner has declared bankruptcy in the last 10 years

Something You Should Ask

When you speak to a planner, ask if they are a fiduciary. A fiduciary is required to place your interests first by law. The confidence of knowing that can provide peace of mind and protect your assets.

How is Your Certified Planner Paid?

There are four ways a planner can be paid; fee-based, commission, commission, and fee-based, and hourly.

A fee-based planner is paid a percent of your holdings; his/her earnings are based on how your assets perform.

Commission based compensation is paid to the planner from the financial product companies (creating a potential conflict of interest).

A mix of commission and fee-based can happen when the planner also sells commission based insurance products.

Paying by the hour can be an option for those who haven’t many assets yet.

Be clear about your goals, and understand what the planner can do for you; you’ll have no problem finding the best planner for you.

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