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Caregiving in Irving, TX

As the population in Texas continues to age, so does a number of caregivers. Currently, seniors account for 12 percent of the population. This has made it important to offer a variety of services available to assist with the growing number of caregivers.

Caregiving is another full-time job. Breaks are essential to the wellbeing of the caregiver. It is extremely exhausting for the caregiver in terms of mental and physical capacity. This is why there are sources out there to help the caregiver find relief through other care and services. With all these options, you are sure to find help whether through private agencies, volunteer organizations, senior centers or even government programs.

Help comes in many forms

You can easily find help through all the programs and resources available to you. There are many options for help as well, along with various costs.

Senior services are offered through Texas Health and Human Services. These programs include transportation, daytime care, financial assistance, caregiver support and more. Irving offers several senior recreation programs through the Heritage Senior Center (HSC). Members can enjoy dances, libraries, crafts, fitness centers, field trips, workshops and more. HSC also offers members assistance with transportation, Social Security questions, taxes and daily meals.

To get your loved one out of the house while you are at work, you may want to consider adult day care. In Texas, the cost is around $24 a day. Along with mingling with other seniors, your loved one will receive a hot lunch, activities and senior-based wellness programs.

For those who cannot leave the house, in-home care is the best option. A health aide will visit your loved one’s home to assist with daily care or as needed care. The average cost is about $119 a day.

Respite care available

Eldercare provides area-specific recommendations for senior services; you just search by your city. The results will list agencies and groups that offer guidance and support on long-term care, senior programs, legal assistance, and more.

There are some resources for you through the area government. Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services website offers a list of area programs. In nearby Dallas, there are additional programs.

Support groups available for the caregiver

A great help to many caregivers is to find and meet with other caregivers to bounce ideas and get referrals for services. In Irving, there are several support groups that can help you find others who are experiencing the same thing in life.

Need more help?

For those who need more care, there are other long-term care assistance programs through the Texas Health and Human Services. These programs are options for when in-home care is no longer working for your family.

With all these options available, you should get the break you deserve. You do not want to risk mental and physical exhaustion. From time to time, you may have other commitments. With these groups, you don’t have to worry. People are here to help you.

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