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Medicaid in Irvine

California Medicaid, also known as MediCal, is a huge factor in providing access to critical medical care for the most vulnerable residents of this great state.

Medicaid benefits are received by the majority of California nursing home residents and help recently arrived undocumented immigrants get the full range of medical care available for themselves and their children.

Without Medicare, countless people would be in dire financial straits trying to afford hospital, emergency room, and doctor services. Many thousands of California residents rely on the state’s Medicaid program to pay for essential in-home care, senior and disabled day programs, and otherwise prohibitively expensive prescription drugs.

If you feel you need the financial help that Medicaid can provide, or think that you’re going to need Medicaid benefits in the near future, continue reading and learn about:

How you can begin the application process

Where you can get help filling out your application for Medicaid benefits

What services that Medicaid can provide

Who can qualify for MediCal benefits in California

Help being transported to and from medical appointments

Qualifying for Medicaid in Irvine

There is a broad category of people who can qualify for Medicaid benefits in California. As a vital means to access geriatric medical care, seniors aged 65 and older are eligible to apply for Medicaid benefits.

All pregnant women are able to apply for benefits so they can access post and prenatal care during their pregnancy. Infants and other minor-aged children can all apply for Medicaid benefits to cover any medical care that they may need.

Illegal immigrants and their minor children who require emergency medical assistance may be automatically eligible for complete coverage under the MediCal Medicaid program.

Anyone who is anticipated to be disabled for at least a year, as well as people who will need at least 30 days of continuous medical care, may also apply to be covered under this program.

Help with Your Irvine Medicaid Application

The first step to getting help with the Medicaid application is to visit the MediCal pre screening website and see if you meet the minimum requirements to be accepted into the Medicaid program.

Applicants who run into difficulties using the online system, or need to find the answers to important questions before they can move forward with the application process can visit the Health and Human Services Commission website to find phone numbers, email addresses, and the addresses to local HHSC offices where a representative can provide the help you need.

What Does Irvine Medicaid Cover?

California’s MediCal program offers comprehensive medical coverage to plan beneficiaries.

Medicaid recipients will receive medical diagnostic services such as:

MRI and CAT scans when necessary

Diagnostic blood tests like blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and white blood cell count

Seniors receiving Medicaid can look forward to having their in-home and nursing home care covered by the state.

Travel to Irvine Medical Appointments

Medicaid recipients can use the NPI Lookup Non-emergency Medical Transport to find transportation services that will accept Medicaid reimbursement to provide round-trip transport to medical appointments.

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