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Irvine Veterans Benefits

Veterans across the country have earned benefits because of their service to this country. Irvine provides both state and federal benefits to help veterans find the care and programs they need. Health care plans include access to primary care as well as specialty programs for mental health, substance abuse treatment, and injury services. Irvine also has job opportunities and training for returning military members as well as housing assistance for homeless veterans and their families.

Health Care for Veterans in Irvine

Many veterans returning home need health care services, but some don’t realize they have access to benefits or know what their benefits will cover. According to the VA, all active duty members, as well as veterans who do not have a dishonorable discharge, can get health care benefits. This group also includes those who served in the National Guard or the Reserves during a federally ordered service time. Each military member has a priority group and applications are sorted based on those groups.

In Irvine, veterans can find help through the primary VA Long Beach Healthcare System. The office for this center is in Long Beach, and geriatric veterans can get access to things like primary care, assisted living, in-home care, mental health checks, and more. Caregivers of veterans can also use VA services for support. There are also community clinics in Santa Ana and Laguna Hills that provide care including lab tests, prescriptions, primary care, and more.

Housing for Veterans in Irvine

The city of Irvine has a list of resources for veterans in the area, and some of those include housing assistance programs. Some of the services are:

CalVet home loans. These loans can help veterans purchase a home without a down payment or secure a lower mortgage payment. Veterans who already own a house might be able to refinance their home and get a lower interest rate on their mortgage.

Low-Income Energy Assistance program for low-income veterans to help them heat or cool their house, if it is medically needed.

There are also many programs for homeless veterans, veterans with low-income, or veteran’s families that need help. Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH) partners with the Housing and Urban Development department to help veterans with mental and addictive disorders secure permanent housing.

Veterans Affordable Housing Program is a non-government group that works to provide permanent housing to veterans in California.

Veterans First is a local group that secures homes for veterans that are disabled or those with families that need housing.

More Resources for Veterans in Irvine

The California Department for Veteran Affairs has links to resources throughout the state that can help with financial assistance, housing, employment, and benefits counseling.

All Orange County libraries have computers and links to local resources for veterans including housing and job opportunities.

The Employment Development Department (EDD) in California works specifically with veterans through their CalJOBS program. This group provides career assessments, resume counseling, vocational training, and job fairs or workshops.

The University of California Irvine has veteran services for returning military members that want to go back to school. Veterans can use their GI bills to advance their careers and find additional financial assistance through this office. They also have resources for veterans to learn how to return to civilian life and family counseling.

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