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Irvine Respite Care and Adult Day Care

Caregivers who take care of their loved ones on a daily basis sometimes need temporary relief. Respite care and adult day care comes in handy for this purpose. Caregivers can pay a daily fee for any day they need a break from their caregiving duties. There are several options in Irvine that provide this service.

What You Can Expect from Adult Day Care and Respite Care

Comprehensive medical attention is one of the key expectations you should have for an adult day care facility. They should have nurses on staff that are fully trained and able to monitor your loved one’s overall health. They should check vital signs, provide nutritional meals and snacks, and report any medical concerns they may have.

When it comes to meals, adult day care offers the best of the best. They work to provide healthy meals to all participants. Food provided during the program ensures the caregiver does not have to worry about making a meal for the day. Seniors can instead enjoy what the center has to offer, which is a nutritious option that will keep their hunger satisfied and their body happy.

Not all seniors can handle medication on their own, although many have at least one or two pills to take on a daily basis. Any necessary medication for the day should get handed to a nurse on staff. He or she will then be sure the medication is administered at the correct time, for the proper dosage.

Providers of Adult Day Care in the Irvine Area

Irvine Adult Day Health Services, located at 20 Lake Road, is one of the top options in the city. Health care professionals work to provide care daily to all people who attend. The staff creates individual therapy programs for those seniors who have limited mobility. They work to improve their strength and reduce their chances for falls. Anyone suffering from memory loss gets offered stimulating activities to keep their minds active.

Health monitoring and supervision are all provided. If an older adult in the program has medication they need to take, the health care professionals ensure they get taken at the correct time of day. There is also a nutrition program offered that provides healthy meals to all people participating each day.

Costs of Care and Determining the Party Responsible for Paying Them

A caregiver may have access to account information for a person they care for regularly. They may be able to use these accounts to pay for any care that is needed. It could also be negotiated that the caregiver will pay for daycare costs out-of-pocket, as the extra money may be budgeted into an amount they earn. Either way, one of these two parties will be responsible for paying associated fees of respite care.

The costs in the state of California are higher on average than other locations throughout the U.S. One can be expected to pay around $77 per day for care services. This price will equate to $20,020 spent per year if the adult day care is attended every weekday.

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