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Irvine Rehab Centers

After a serious illness or surgery, you are most likely not ready to go home, and this is where short-term rehab helps you build back your strength to get you back on your feet.  Nursing homes and assisted living facilities offer these services to recover from heart attack, stroke, surgery, or other serious illness.  At these facilities, patients receive daily care and services through various treatments to assist with recovery. Here is what you should look for in a rehab facility along with information on Medicare coverage.

What Occurs While You Are in Rehab

After your hospital stay, you will need to regain strength and mobility to return home.  These services have a variety of names including short-term, transitional, or post-acute rehab. Before you enter, the rehab staff will assess your current medical state and then work with your doctor to create a daily plan for your recovery.

Each approach is different and based on the individual’s needs. A stroke patient will need additional services than what a knee-replacement patient needs.  For example, the stroke patient will most likely need speech therapy.  Knee and hip replacement patients will need assistance to ease pain from surgery and to get their mobility back. Patients have access to these different kinds of therapy daily or several times a week to aid in healing.

Begin Your Search

There are options for you to choose from in the Irvine area.  Here are some of the top-rated facilities according to

Brookdale Irvine offers you short-term stays with comprehensive rehabilitation services to help you recover.  You can also enjoy activities during your stay.

Regents Point will get you back on your feet as quickly and safely as possible. Regents Point is both Medicare and Medicaid certified.

Your surgeon or physician can provide you with recommendations on facilities that specialize in the care you need.  Also, ask around for referrals from people you trust.  Online reviews can also be helpful to help you select your rehab center.

Search Criteria

You want to make sure you pick the best possible rehab center for your care. Start by asking others who have used these services and find out about their experiences.  Another important detail to check is that the center is clean and has good inspection record with the state.  You will also need to determine if Medicare or Medicaid covers this facility.

Who Pays for the Expense?

Medicare does cover skilled nursing care as long as:

You have Medicare Part A.  

Be sure to check that you have days available for this benefit period.

You must be a patient in the hospital for three consecutive days, not including the admission day.

Your medical condition, illness, or surgery requires rehab services for recovery.

Your physician prescribes rehabilitation services.

Most importantly, check that the facility is Medicare or Medicaid-certified. Medicare may not cover all services you need, so be sure or ask your doctor since you will have to pay for these expenses.  If you don’t qualify for Medicare, long-term care insurance or Medicaid may cover some or all of the costs during this visit.

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