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Irvine Nursing Homes

Making a move from your life-long home to a nursing facility is a scary change. Many people fear what will happen once they make the transition and worry about how dramatically their lives will change. While change is inevitable, often it is for the best.

Rather than being home alone, you get to join in on a whole community of others ready to socialize and keep you company. Enjoy meals in the dining hall, games in the game room, and weekly activities that let you use your imagination and creativity. Irvine has plenty of excellent nursing home options that you can call home. Take a look at our all-inclusive list to help determine the best place for you.

Facts on Irvine Nursing Homes

According to sources SeniorAdvisor; Genworth Cost of Care Survey California;; and CDC:

Nursing home rates are expected to grow by 11 percent in the next five years.

The maximum daily rate for a private room reaches $600 with all amenities included.

Medicare certifies 80 facilities within 25 miles of Irvine.

More than 15,000 total facilities provide services across the U.S.

Length of Stays at Nursing Homes

The median duration of stay before death is around five months. Some people only get moved to nursing homes after they have suffered a significant illness or injury and the hospital can no longer do much for them. They are too weak to go home and must now stay in a nursing facility with skilled nurses on staff who can handle their daily care needs.

The time spent in a nursing home is longer for people who choose to move before they reach poor health. Some just want to go to a new community to gain access to the amenities and services offered. You can spend years in a facility if you desire. Sell your house and use the profits to choose the best nursing home around.

You can also opt to have a short stay at a home if you need physical therapy. Say you hurt your leg and find it difficult to walk. You can handle many tasks on your own but have a hard time getting around. You can stay in a skilled nursing setting for a few weeks, receiving therapy each day. Once you are strong enough and able to walk on your own again, you are free to leave.

Services Provided

Medical care is one of the first services provided. A nurse checks your vital signs, administers your medication, and dresses any wounds you may have. When you have an illness, your nurse monitors you more frequently and does her part to keep you comfortable. Skilled nursing care is one of the biggest benefits of staying in a nursing home rather than an assisted living community.

Personal care also gets offered. If you struggle to bathe or dress on your own, a staff member will help you. He will help you find clothes to wear each day and ensure you get dressed and out of your room. When it is time to bathe, he will help you wash up if need be or at least stay close by to monitor you while you make an attempt on your own. You need to keep up with regular care to ensure you stay as healthy as possible. The staff understands this and helps make it possible.

Meal time is also a service offered at a nursing home. A chef on-site prepares all meals for every resident. You all eat together in the dining hall. You typically get to choose from a variety of foods on a menu. If you have allergies, your doctor can send in a request for alternative meal options.

Rehabilitation, as was previously discussed, is often utilized for people who stay short-term. Long-term care residents may receive the services as well if the doctor believes it is necessary. Help with walking, mobility, coordination, and balance often gets offered. You can use the exercise equipment in the therapy room to improve your strength and stability.

You can utilize the many other amenities and offerings around the home as well. Some locations fully equip themselves with hair salons, game rooms, activity centers, coffee shops, and much more. Check out all of these sites and discover the prices of the services. Some are included in your annual fee while others cost extra.

Costs of Irvine Nursing Homes

The Genworth Cost of Care Survey lists California as above the median price range of the average city in the United States. You can expect to pay $159,870 per year in Orange County. Save money by renting a semi-private room instead. You get a bed but have to share the central living space with a roommate. It cuts the cost down by thousands of dollars, though, making it well worth it. A semi-private room costs $96,725 per year in Irvine and all of Orange County.

Qualifications of an Ideal Nursing Home

Recruit friends to help you find the right home. Chances are you know someone who currently resides in a nursing home or has a family member who does. They can offer suggestions on locations in the Irvine area that best meet your needs. A licensed facility that passes state inspections is a start. You also want the establishment to be well-maintained and full of staff members who are courteous and knowledgeable about the happenings there.

A Medicare-certified center is also ideal. It ensures you can use Medicare to pay for services. Use the search tool on the Medicare website to find possibilities in Irvine. There are 80 options within Irvine, Tustin, and other Orange County cities nearby.

Visit each recommended facility and the Medicare options with the best ratings. You can see for yourself what each location offers and determine the right place for you. If you want further guidance, speak with your local Area Agency on Aging to get advice. They can point you in the right direction of a qualified nursing home.

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