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Irvine Funeral Homes

Knowing your rights as a customer, understanding the advantages and disadvantages of a funeral business, and keeping track of your needs and budget are three surefire ways to choose the best funeral home for your loved one. Funeral homes in Irvine may be similar but not all adhere to the same type of operations. Many for-profit locations attempt to swindle the customer into choosing a higher priced package than they need. Setting your expectations before you go in will help ensure you plan a funeral that is respectable and affordable for your liking.

Keeping a List of Prices and Services

Numerous funeral home locations have package deals that seem too good to be true. Spend a nominal fee and receive a plethora of services to meet your needs. It is best to get a list of all possible service options and their corresponding prices before agreeing to these deals. Federal law states you have the right to know prices before settling on services. You can also select a-la-carte, rather than having to go with a package option.

California law also looks out for the consumer. Casket prices must be revealed prior to purchase. You also have the option to choose a rental casket strictly for the viewing. Knowing the California Code of Regulations for funeral homes will ensure you know what you do and do not have to follow when planning a funeral.

Making a List of Funeral Home Pros and Cons

Advantages and disadvantages exist for all funeral homes. You have to decide which cons you can live with and which ones will turn you off from the business entirely. Price is usually a significant factor in many decisions. The Federal Trade Commission has a "funeral costs and pricing" checklist that you can follow to see which locations are on par with what the national averages indicate. It is also wise to check with the Better Business Bureau to see which places in your city have received accreditation and which have poor ratings.

If you still have trouble deciding, ask for help. Chances are you have friends and family who have attended a funeral for a loved one of their own in the past. Ask them about the experience and whether the service was good or bad, short or long. See if the director stood by them through the trying time or left them to fend for themselves. Knowing these details can help you pick a proper place.

Setting a List for Monetary Needs

Money plays a considerable role in what you choose. Create a list of services that have detailed costs including any fees associated with the cost. It will help you narrow down what you should get and what you cannot afford. Once you have the list detailed, stick with it. Do not let yourself get talked into purchasing something you do not need and does not fit your budget.

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