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Irvine Family Caregiver Benefits

Family caregivers are one of the biggest parts of senior care, and they can sometimes feel overwhelmed. More seniors are retiring, and many of them rely on their family to provide their care. Fortunately, cities, organizations, and local groups have kept up with this burst and provide just as many caregiver resources. It’s ok to ask for help or take a break, and in fact, it can make you a better caregiver. Here are a few services available in Irvine.

Alzheimer’s Association- Orange County Chapter

Many family caregivers take care of a loved one who has Alzheimer’s or dementia. This disease is challenging and caring for it can be utterly draining. The Alzheimer’s Association understands this and makes sure it provides plenty of supportive services for caregivers.

Caregivers don’t automatically know what to do the minute they start caring for their loved ones. Education is an important part of being a good caregiver. The Orange County Chapter has plenty of educational opportunities for new and experienced caregivers. You can find classes around the area or take courses online if that works better for your schedule.

A support group might be one of the simplest and effective ways to find support while caregiving for Alzheimer’s disease. It helps to meet with other people that are going through the same things and talk about your experiences and share support for one another. There are a few meetings around the Orange County area and every first Monday of the month there is a telephone support group.

Other supportive services include a 24-hour helpline at (800) 272-3900 as well as an online resource center for caregivers. On this website, you can find chat rooms, message boards, and online support groups to help you with whatever you’re experiencing. You can also use this site to search for local events and resources.

Orange County Office on Aging

The Office on Aging has services for seniors as well as caregivers. They offer a class called Powerful Tools for Caregivers, and it teaches caregivers about all the resources and services they have available. It also equips caregivers with strategies to better perform their duties. You can call (800) 510-2020 to learn more about the program and other services.

VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System

Many seniors are veterans, and if you care for one, you can use the VA healthcare system to find caregiver services in your area. The VA healthcare system offers things like:

Caregiver support helpline which is available 24/7

Groups led by other caregivers for support and connection

Access to a trained professional that can find services for your needs

Respite care if needed

Skilled home care

Telehealth system

Hospice care if needed

All you need to do to learn more about these services and find ones that match your needs is call the Caregiver Support Coordinator at (310) 478-3711 ext. 49019.

Family Caregiver Resource Center Orange County

California has caregiver resource centers set up throughout the state, and these centers are valuable sources of information and services for caregivers. Through this center, caregivers can find support groups, care consultations, respite care, advocacy groups, education, and training. They also have online informational articles and links to other local resources. You can call (800) 543-8312 to learn more.

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