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Irvine Estate Sales

When a loved one dies or makes a move to an assisted living facility, it can be a challenging time.  Not only do you have to deal with plenty of emotions, but you might be the one who oversees what happens to their belongings.  It can be challenging trying to decide what to keep and what to sell or donate.  If you have multiple people assisting, opinions can get heated, and arguments might start.

On top of all that, there could be a considerable number of things to sort.  The LA Times reported in 2014 that the average US home has about 300,000 things.  It can be even more stressful if your relative was a collector or never got rid of anything.  An estate sale company can help ease the stress and take over the reins.  Once you decide what you want to keep, they can handle the rest.  

The Steps of An Estate Sale

Reputable estate sale companies will do their best to sell as many of your items as they can for as much as they can.  An estate sale involves a few different steps, outlined on the website for Blast Estate Sales.  Most sales start with a consultation so estate professionals can price your items.  Many companies have professional appraisers on staff so they can evaluate your items and reasonably price them based on their worth and the local market.  

Once everything for sale has a price, it’s time to set up for the sale.  You will have to remove the items you want to keep and then the company will clean the house.  After cleaning, they will arrange the things for sale in appealing displays.  You can see how Past Estate Sales staged some of their estate sales in pictures on their website.  There will also be advertising for the sale online and around town, all handled by the company.

The company will run the sale, and there will be people from the company on site to take care of everything.  They will take care of transactions, answer questions, and run a planned auction.  You can stay at the house during the sale or if you would prefer, you don’t have to be there.

When the sale is over, you might have a few items leftover.  You can choose what you want to do with them, and the company might work with a few charities in the area so you can donate if you want.  Once the sales are final, someone will meet with the executor of the will to discuss the outcome of the sales.  You will get a check for your portion of the sales minus the fees due to the company.  The finalization of all sales might take a few days.

Cost of Estate Sale Companies

The initial consultation usually has an hourly fee, but there are a few places that offer this service for free.  In addition to that fee, the company will take a percentage of the sales, about 35%.  Other charges might include a cleaning fee if the house is messy or cluttered, but you can discuss that with the company beforehand.  

Finding an Estate Sale Company in Irvine

Your friends and neighbors might have suggestions for companies, or you can talk with an attorney or read online reviews.  If you use reviews, pay attention to the ones from clients not shoppers from the estate sales.  The BBB of Orange County lists seven businesses in the area. No matter who you choose, use companies certified by the American Society of Appraisers or the International Society of Appraisers.  You should sign a contract before any work starts and be aware of all services and their charges.  

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