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Irvine Concierge Services

Housecleaning, home maintenance, pet care, and grocery delivery are just a few of the regular concierge services offered by an Irvine company who performs related tasks. Seniors in the area in need of assistance can utilize these services any day of the week. You no longer have to make it out of your home to handle these chores alone. Request help so you can save your energy for something else. It allows you to remain in your home for a while longer and get important tasks completed without the strenuous work involved for yourself.

Companies That Provide Assistance in Irvine

Some companies do not refer to themselves as concierge. They are simply businesses that assist customers in the Irvine area. These companies include sites like Amazon Home Services that offers a selection of Irvine, California service providers who can help with assembly, accounting, cleaning, organizing, mobile devices, pest control, roofing, and even instructing fitness. Providers who pass licensing and background checks are the only ones on the list.

If you have a pet that you love but cannot always care for, call upon a pet sitter or walker from Rover to meet his or her needs. Your pet will get all the attention they need between you and the new sitter. There are numerous people available in Irvine who enjoy pets and will come over to assist you with yours anytime it’s desired. Many perform dog-walking duties for a half hour at a time and only charge between $12 and $25 to do so. You can see a list of each person’s credentials next to their name, as well as prices and pictures of who you’re getting.

Express Concierge offers personal assistance to those in need. They run errands, go shopping, provide vehicle maintenance, messenger services, business support, and even holiday assistance. Whatever task you need to have accomplished, your assistant from Express will get it handled. There is also a fleet of vehicles you can hire to take you to and from your destinations. A Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Escalade, and Cadillac are just a few of the options in both car and limo form.

Serenity Errand Service operates primarily as a transportation service. They will take you where you need to go when you need to go. The company also offers errands, so you do not have to handle difficult tasks alone. They will shop, get groceries, handle your banking needs, and even make a run to the pet store for supplies.

Screen Your Options

Never settle for just any concierge company. You want to screen your options and be sure they hold up to your standards. Ask a few different businesses for quotes and information. Inquire about their screening process for employees, whether or not their contractors are insured, and what type of training each person receives. Knowing this information will help you see which businesses are more qualified to handle the type of work you need to be completed. Once you know, you can make a qualified decision and select the company that you feel will be the best match for your needs.

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