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Irvine Assisted Living

At one point in time, many seniors have to make the move to an assisted living facility. They can no longer handle their own daily needs and require assistance with personal care. It is difficult for anyone to make the transition, as it means giving up the home you’ve built and moving to an entirely new place. With some considerations for the costs, methods to pay, amenities offered, and what your daily living will look like, you can feel much more comfortable making the move. Irvine has plenty of options available so every senior can find a place to call home.

Associated Costs of Irvine Assisted Living

Look at the cost before making your moving decision. You won’t know if you’ll have enough money to afford the move until after you see the prices of an assisted living community. In California, the rates are higher than that of the average state in the U.S. You can expect to pay $3,750 per month for a single occupancy room. This is $150 more per month than the median price across the United States. You will be spending $45,000 per year at this price.

The Best of 2017 winner, Atria Golden Creek, can cost upwards of $9,000 per month. This Irvine assisted living location highly exceeds expectations, with upgraded rooms, a wide menu selection in the on-site restaurant, and tons of amenities and features for residents to enjoy. Atria Woodbridge also has a nice selection of amenities, but the price is more in line with the median and is not much more than $4,000 per month. With different pricing levels to choose from, everyone can find a beautiful place they can afford.

Expectations of Assisted Living

All facilities offer different amenities and features. Some have a common ground, though, providing similar rooms and spaces for residents to share. Most assisted living locations have a central living space where inhabitants can enjoy the television, read a book, or simply converse with one another. There is typically an outdoor area as well where people are free to take a walk around the perimeter and enjoy the views. Residents also dine together in a dining hall or restaurant-like atmosphere.

Some locations allow pets for companions, while others do not. There are also religious-based locations that focus on church activities, and other options that revolve around living in luxury and giving residents what they desire. No matter which type you choose, you can rest assured that your day-to-life will be full of activities and fun with others, as long as you want to participate.

Irvine Assisted Living and Where to Find It

You should not only consider the cost of assisted living, but also the area in which you want to live. Do not settle for just any location. Pick a spot that is either close to him or in an area that you feel comfortable. You can ask your friends and relatives for recommendations or see if a current neighbor knows anyone living in the type of place you need to choose. They can help you narrow your search.

Look online for reviews of various assisted living communities in the Irvine area. There are numerous possibilities, but not all have ideal reports from previous residents. You want to find a place that has high praises so you can know for sure you are moving to a friendly atmosphere that is well-liked by other residents.

Consider working with a senior advisor if you are still struggling to settle on a choice. Contact the Area Agency on Aging in your area and see if they have someone you can work with for free. Many cities have a senior-based program with free services like this to help older adults find the help they need.

Affording Assisted Living in Irvine

The extensive costs of assisted living make some seniors feel like the option will never work for them. They don’t believe they can pay the high expenses of living in a facility like this. Once you break down your personal bills as a homeowner, you will see just how much more expensive living alone truly is in the long run. An assisted living facility costs less, as you do not have property taxes to pay, excess bills to take care of, or any homeowner’s insurance fees.


Every senior should have insurance to make sure they can pay for medical expenses and long-term care. Without it, you will be paying out of pocket, which many people cannot afford. Look into Medicaid and Medicare, two of the federally-funded options available in each state. You qualify if you are a low-income individual. Apply online or at your local DHS to start getting services as soon as possible.

Apply for Veteran’s Aid

Veterans who served their country are entitled to benefits. Apply for veteran’s aid and see how much help you can receive affording your assisted living costs. There are often veteran-only homes available where you can reside, or your compensation may be able to pay for an outside service. Look into your local VA or veteran services center and ask about applying. The process can take a few months to complete, but the date will be backtracked to when you first applied. Someone can assist you with filing the forms if you have trouble doing so alone.

Take Out a Reverse Mortgage on Your House

Many people move to an assisted living facility or nursing home and leave a loved one behind. If you need to move while your spouse remains in the home, you can take out a reverse mortgage to do so. This allows you to take out a line of credit with the equity on your house and use it to pay your expenses. Both you and your partner get taken care of in these circumstances without having to sell your home and make you both move if it’s not needed.

Once you think about the associated costs, amenities, payment options, and other choices involved, you can make your decision regarding your move. Find the best assisted living community in your area by heavily considering the information in this post and doing your own research on locations nearby. You do not want to settle for just any place. Look at SeniorAdvisor to find some of the best options in Irvine. There are award-winning possibilities.

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