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Irvine 55+ Communities

After a decades-long career of working, child-rearing and home maintenance, you’ve finally arrived at retirement and get to take some time for yourself. But, while the school run, daily commute, and stresses of corporate life are rapidly receding concerns, routine home maintenance isn’t going anywhere.

Our homes, like our bodies, are not treated well by the passing years. Unfortunately, past the age of 55 or so, the physical and financial strain of keeping the old home in good shape can be a little too much to face. You may find that even the routine chores of cooking meals and cleaning up can start to seem more trouble than it’s worth.

Fortunately for Irvine seniors, there are wonderful options in 55+ residence communities in and around their hometown. Seniors can enjoy a carefree lifestyle in communities like the Atria Golden Creek and Brookdale Irvine where you’ll be pampered with housekeeping service, meal preparation, and fantastic amenities.

How Much Will You Pay?

Irvine is a choice retirement destination for many reasons, although the beautiful year-round climate and proximity to many gorgeous California attractions are major factors. Consequently, you will pay something more than the national median cost of retirement community rent for an Irvine senior residence.

While the average cost of a retirement community in California is about $4,000 per month, you’ll pay about $4,300 per month for accommodations in Irvine.

How to Pay?

Don’t count on long-term care insurance, Medicaid, or VA benefits to pay for your senior community. Your best bet is to use the old family home to finance your new living arrangement.

Consider selling your house to realize enough money to see you through many years of retirement community living. If you’d like to pass your property on to your heirs, then renting can be a solution. By renting your home, you’ll get a monthly income that will offset much of your monthly rent.

Some Important Considerations

Moving to a retirement community is a big decision that will change how you live the rest of your life. You need to consider everything that is important to making your daily life enjoyable.

Seniors who enjoy being active may want to consider the 55+ communities that have well-equipped pools and fitness facilities. Many of us have animal companions that we don’t want to be separated from; that means locating a senior community that welcomes pets and makes provisions for the needs of canine or feline friends.

Senior community living comes in a range of styles:

The most independent and active seniors may want hotel-style accommodations so that they have a handy base to keep their belongings safe while they spend their time traveling.

You may want to have everything you need around you so you can enjoy a resort-like experience in your new home; movie theaters, lavish community spaces, and a huge selection of amenities can make every day a holiday.

The important thing is to have a good idea of what you want out of retirement community living before starting your search.

What’s Included in the Rent?

This is one of the most important questions you can ask the management of any community you’re considering moving into. Different communities may offer various services as part of your rental payment.

Ask if any utilities are included with your monthly payment; considering the cost of running air-conditioning, having electric included in the rent could make a nominally high rent look much cheaper.

Of course, you want to find out what the quality level of housekeeping and meal preparation is since these are usually rolled into your rent as well. It’s always a good idea to check the parking situation (covered, indoor, how close to the facility), and what the visitor policy is. Asking about security measures will let you know how seriously a community takes their responsibility to the seniors who live there.

The Perks of Irvine 55+ Living

Life is all about the perks, and 55+ communities can offer some extraordinary ones. Once you begin your search, you’ll find that each Irvine senior community has something special to recommend it.

Some fabulous perks that you’ll find include:

Well-equipped game rooms with pool tables, classic 70’s arcade games, and card playing tables.

On-site movie theaters showing the great movies that you love while you enjoy the nostalgic smells of a classic popcorn machine and soda fountain.

State-of-the-art fitness facilities and exercise classes to keep fit, trim, and independent.

Classes, seminars, and excursions that will make every day something to look forward to.

Your New Irvine Neighborhood

Your new neighborhood will influence your happiness to a great degree, so make sure that you choose an area carefully.

Do you want to be in the middle of it all with many attractions within walking distance? Maybe after a lifetime of commuting into downtown, you want to stay in a more bucolic setting and enjoy being closer to nature?

Carefully consider what your new neighborhood is like at different times of the day, week, and year. What is the traffic like in the area?

A major concern for many seniors will include how to remain as close to family members as possible. Ensure that even if you’re not as close as you’d like to be, traveling back and forth won’t become a chore for your family and friends due to traffic congestion, difficult routes, or extreme distance.

But, What Comes Next?

Irvine seniors need to remember that aging is a process that doesn’t stop. As independent as you may be in your 60’s and 70’s, you’ll eventually need more help and medical care to lead a good quality of life. Consider what your changing needs mean when you choose a retirement community.

An unexpected medical condition, accident, or the general effects of the aging process can make fully independent living impossible for a previously able-bodied senior.

There are wonderful communities like Oak Tree Estates and Lincoln Manor where you can take advantage of ever increasing levels of assistance as you become less capable with advancing age.

Find assisted living in Irvine near you.