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How to Get Around Irvine Without Driving

Taxi services, bus systems, senior care providers and other organizations exist to provide transportation in Irvine. Not everyone has their own vehicle to get around the city. Utilizing these transportation services will ensure you make it from one location to the next whenever you need to grab some groceries or make it to an appointment.


The city of Irvine offers the iShuttle, a transportation method for residents and commuters alike who need to get to and from areas of the business district. The Orange County Transportation Authority manages the service. You can contact 714-636-7433 to ask questions and find out how to use the shuttle service to your advantage.


Ride-sharing is popular in today’s day and age when people are looking for convenience. You do not have to wait for a taxi or get on the bus. Instead, request a ride-share service with another person so you can both make it to your destination. ACCESS is a provided option in Irvine for those with disabilities who need assistance.

Cab and Taxi Services

Numerous taxi companies exist in Irvine to provide transportation to people who need it. Three well-rated options ensure everyone can find a reliable ride to their destination. Andy the Man Cab is one of the best choices. You not only get a ride but also get to enjoy karaoke on the way. Many people enjoy the trip. Call (714) 785-2639 to request services. Orange County Taxicab is also popular. Call (949) 491-1200 to book them or visit their website. The third possibility is OnCabs Orange County. Reach them at (949) 397-6759.

Transportation Services for Irvine Seniors

The city of Irvine provides a transportation guide for seniors. Within the guide, you will find a list of numbers and names of companies and organizations that offer assistance to the disabled and elderly. You can use the non-emergency medical services, public transportation options with senior discounts, volunteer driver services, or any other available choices.

The Irvine Senior Services Outreach Program has no cost. Any residents in the area over the age of 50 can use this service for non-emergency trips. You can take two trips per month and must schedule your ride a week in advance to ensure a driver is available to you the day you need him. Call 949-724-6926 for this option.

Finding a Ride in Irvine

Irvine has numerous public transportation options available. Visit the city website to learn about all possible choices in the area. The iShuttle, Amtrak train, OCTA ACCESS, Senior Services Outreach, Silver Streak, and Road to Recovery all make the list. You can utilize any option for any occasion, or stick to your favorite day to day.

The website also provides details regarding the senior centers in the area that can help, as well as information on bike and walking paths you can take instead. Look carefully at the list and determine the best transportation method for you for any given day. Your choice may change from one trip to the next.

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