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Best of Irvine Senior Living

Everyone wants the highest quality care we get to the age when many daily activities become onerous chores rather than routine errands.

This becomes a real sticking point when we arrive at the age when we need help with essential daily tasks. will help you discover the best senior communities and services in the United States. maintains a comprehensive directory based on reviews left by seniors and their families, friends, and people who have looked over the facilities.

Take some time to look over the care Award selection criteria at this link here. Or you can just keep reading to discover the 2017 Best of Senior Living Award winners in Irvine right here.

Irvine Assisted Living Senior Communities

Irvine assisted living senior communities give older people the aid with care, travel, food preparation, and cleaning chores that can be too much for someone in their later years. Seniors can enjoy socializing, fitness classes, and spend most out of their lives in a relaxing environment.

Seventh Heaven Care Home is a Best of Senior Living Award winner for 2017.

This assisted living community is located in a beautiful, modern-style building with lots of open space and natural lighting. The facility exudes California charm, has a home-like decor, and West Coast style, Seventh Heaven Care Home is a hospitable place to pass your senior years with caring and competent staff. Seventh Heaven Care Home is a senior community full of charm where California seniors will find reasonable prices assisted senior living.

Residents of Seventh Heaven Care Home will enjoy an inclusive senior lifestyle. Your worries about meal preparation, errands, cleaning, dishes, or home taxes will be over. You’ll even have a chef to prepare three wonderful meals every day.

The housekeeping staff and your residential utilities (except telephone) will also be included. You’ll have access to staff all day and night, a schedule of enriching activities, and transportation when you want to use it.

Award Winning Alzheimer’s Care

Senior living communities that offer the specialized care Alzheimer’s patients need are staffed by professionals that will help Alzheimer’s sufferers stay comfortable in the facility, keep active, and stay as engaged as possible. Communities that offer Alzheimer’s care also have security staff on hand to keep seniors from wandering away from the community areas.

Laylor Care Home for the elderly aims to provide all seniors with a delightful home environment that’s conducive health and well-being. Seniors can enjoy the benefits of a customized care plan that will be designed with the resident, family carers, and doctors.

Laylor Care Home for the elderly seniors resides in a cozy community while they are provided with all their care needs by nurse's assistants and licensed nurses that are available at all times.

Laylor Care Home for the elderly partners with resident’s families and prides themselves in offering care for seniors living with Alzheimer's in a secure facility.

Laylor Care Home is situated in a spacious, new home in an upscale area, and is licensed by the California State Department of Social Services.

Laylor Care Home has won the Best of Senior Living Award in 2017 from

People who visited the Laylor Care Home were impressed by the rooms, the specially designed hallways to help seniors find their way with ease, the facility’s well-maintained state, the high-quality Alzheimer’s care, and the range of activities like various kinds of entertainment and classes meant to stimulate their minds.

Irvine Independent Living Winners

The best examples of independent living communities for seniors are intended to provide resort-style living where you can get to know people and have enjoyed activities with other seniors and even the staff.

For healthy and strong seniors who look forward to an active lifestyle rather than worrying about home maintenance, independent living communities are a great place for seniors to be.

Park Kingsburg gives seniors a hotel-like environment and the services of their well-trained staff that are happy to serve you every day you’re there. Park Kingsburg’s staff gives the help you require while taking advantage of your independent living situation. Park Kingsburg’s delightful community, restaurant-style dining, fun activities and beautiful location creates a beautiful, residential environment for senior residents. Park Kingsburg’s professional staff, gourmet meals, and engaging activities make the senior lifestyle a great experience. Park Kingsburg seniors state that they enjoy the amenities while living there. What many senior reviewers were most impressed by was the Park Kingsburg community. One senior, a recent resident, wrote, “The Park Kingsburg staff is attentive, amenable and care about the residents.” Another resident of Park Kingsburg wrote that when he moved in, “I immediately felt safe and at home.”

Park Kingsburg provides independent living choices for residents that include one or two-bedroom apartments and well-appointed community spaces for socializing, the presence of in-unit emergency call buttons, and, of course, Wi-Fi access to keep in touch with the world.

Award Winning Group Homes for Seniors

Senior group homes are what the name says; family homes that have been modified to provide a warm, affectionate place for seniors who desire a traditional, family home environment. Group homes are typically family-owned, and the staff often tries to know each resident as a family member.

Our Family Care Home is a senior care facility that gives care for senior adults in a home-like setting.  

If you want to learn more about what award-winning care is available in Irvine, then you read the complete list of 2017 Best of Senior Living Award winners here.

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