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Senior-Friendly Workplaces in Indianapolis

Today’s senior population does not fit the typical Grandma and Grandpa stereotype. Modern seniors are vibrant, active and want to remain an important and viable part of the working class. Some do this out of necessity to pay the bills while others do it to give their life a sense of purpose. Regardless of the reason, a senior is seeking a job, they may find that it is a bit challenging to find one that fits their needs. This is where the resources here come in. There are a number of organizations and agencies that have been established in Indianapolis to help with seniors who are searching for employment.

Learn about some of these here. Being informed and knowing the services that are available can help any senior in the local community find the employment they desire.

Assistance and Resources Available for Senior Jobseekers

The National Able Network, Inc. is one of the leading, not-for-profit organizations that specialize in providing employment training, counseling and even placement services for disadvantaged seniors in the city. Participants in this program will gain exclusive experience by working with local non-profit organizations and various public agencies.

Another helpful resource is the CICOA, Central Indiana Council On Aging. This agency provides information as well as support for seniors. The aim is to help these individuals have access to the things they need to live comfortably, including employment. Employment services include contact information for people in the community that are hiring and help developing a resume and interview skills.

Paid Education and Training for Seniors

The Senior Community Service Employment Program offers paid training that provides valuable experience and skills while helping a senior gain new self-confidence. They will be able to use their talents and skills to improve their community by training in a number of different locations, which includes daycare centers, hospitals, offices and other community organizations.

To qualify, individuals must be over 55 years of age, unemployed and have minimal or no source of income. Participants will receive a salary and training on the job. Those who wish to participate in this program need to contact the Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana, Inc.

Other Helpful Resources for People 55+ Seeking a Job

For seniors who want to enhance their existing skills while increasing their employability, they should consider the Senior Ambassador Loaner Laptop Program. With this program, the senior will receive peer-to-peer mentoring, advanced and basic computer training skills, be able to attend various training workshops and even learn how to transition into a new job in a growing industry.

Another resource that seniors may find beneficial is the Back to Work 50+ organization. This is a joint effort between the National Able Network and the AARP Foundation that provides assistance to seniors looking for a job by connecting them with training, support, information and access to employers.

Utilizing the resources can help seniors find employment that not only gives them an income, but also purpose for their life.

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