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Medicare in Indianapolis

Marion county has over 132,500 residents who used Medicare as their healthcare coverage in 2014, mainly seniors ages 65 and above. Many seniors and their loved ones have questions about Medicare, and the Indianapolis area has several different area resources that can provide answers. Regardless of what you’re searching for- information on Medicare, the application process, or finding a provider in your area- there is help available both in person and online in Indianapolis.

Quick rundown on how Medicare coverage works

American seniors are able to enroll in the federal insurance program, Medicare at age 65. There are some exceptions to this, notably adults with qualifying medical conditions like end-stage renal disease may also receive coverage through the program. Medicare is implemented in four parts: Parts A, B, C and D.

What’s covered in Part A: Hospital care, home health and skilled nursing care in some situations, hospice care

What’s covered in Part B: Doctor visits, medical equipment, some outpatient and rehabilitation services, lab tests, x-rays, and mental health services

What’s covered in Part C: Optional Medicare Advantage plans offered by private insurance companies who have been approved by Medicare. At a minimum, the plan will cover all the same things at Parts A and B, but may have additional services included like vision, dental or prescription benefits.

What’s covered in Part D: Optional prescription medication coverage

Marion Medicare beneficiary summary

132,589 individuals in Marion had Medicare provided insurance coverage in 2014.

69 years was the average age of Marion County Medicare recipients in 2014.

40% of the Medicare insurance claims in Marion County were for inpatient care.

Five percent Medicare insurance claims in Marion County were for home healthcare.

13% Medicare insurance claims in Marion County were for skilled nursing care.

Locations for Indianapolis Medicare assistance

The Social Security Administration offices in Indianapolis are the best places to get questions about Medicare benefits answered in person. Staff are available weekdays to assist you with completing and processing your application. You can visit them at: Address: 575 N Pennsylvania St #685, Indianapolis, IN 46204 Phone:(800) 772-1213

Address: 5515 N Post Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46216 Phone:(800) 772-1213

Address: 6745 Network Pl, Indianapolis, IN 46278 Phone:(800) 772-1213

You can search by your zip code here to find the office that is closest to you.

Locating Indianapolis Medicare providers online

On the Medicare website, you’ll find a user-friendly tool that allows you to search for doctors in your area who accept patients with Medicare. You can select criteria to narrow your search like a specialty area like family or geriatric medicine, the location of the practice, and look for doctors who participate in the fee-for-service program. Remember, if you select a doctor who accepts Medicare but does not participate in the fee-for-service program you may incur some additional costs on your visit. Within the search tool, you’re able to click on the doctor name to see expanded details on their practice, like information on how to contact them and a list of hospitals where they have privileges, and you’re able to compare them with other physicians within their same practice to choose which is best for you. In the future, the tool will have expanded capabilities that will allow you to compare doctors from different practices across the city.

If you’re looking for more than just a physician, you can use the different areas of search tools to find nursing homes, medical equipment and supplies, home healthcare, or dialysis centers in Indianapolis who take Medicare.

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