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Indianapolis Senior Movers and Downsizers

When the time comes for seniors to move or downsize, many of them need to rely on family members or friends to help. Well-meaning senior friends often have time to help, but they are limited by age, physical mobility, and physical strength. Family members may be willing and able to help, but they may not be geographically close enough to help. Even when they live close by, adult children struggle to balance the demands of raising their own families and helping aging parents. Senior moving companies can make the experience of moving or downsizing less traumatic for everyone.

Senior Movers Help with Aging in Place

Governments at the federal, state, and local levels all recognize that seniors live a better quality of life when they can age in place in the homes they love. Governments have made it easier for seniors to remain in their homes rather than move in to nursing homes. While most seniors prefer to remain in their homes, their priorities often change and they no longer need many of the items they’ve collected in the past. Helping seniors pare down their possessions and downsize in place lets seniors live a more simplified, manageable lifestyle. There are less items to clean and take care of. That gives them more time in the day to tend to taking care of their health and well-being.

Seniors Need a Little More Time with Moving and Downsizing

When thinking about moving or decluttering, most people want to get it over with as quickly as possible. Most people would rather be doing something else. Seniors are at a different place in life than younger people. They’ve spent decades collecting photographs, mementos from vacations, books, music, furniture, and many other things that carry wonderful memories with them. Seniors carry an attachment to many of their belongings and it takes time to emotionally distance themselves. Judith Kahn , a senior mover, says that seniors can only handle sorting things for about three hours at a time. Senior movers can often give them the time they need better than family members.

Senior Moving Choices in Indianapolis

Senior Life Transitions goes beyond packing and moving items. Movers will help seniors locate a new home in a retirement community. They will also do space planning and help make decisions about which items to take to a smaller dwelling. Movers are trained to help seniors with a spirit of joy and compassion.

Senior Smart Moves also helps with coordinating, decorating, and space planning in the new space, in addition to helping sort, pack, and move. They will also help with liquidation and estate sales. Movers take care to provide a caring, patient, professional, and calming atmosphere.

Elder Moves has been professionally moving seniors for over 25 years. They will move seniors to most any setting including retirement communities, nursing centers, hospice centers, or another family member’s home. They will also help paring down belongings so that a senior can age in place more comfortably. Movers help with organizing, decluttering, downsizing, set up, and fine decorating.

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