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Indianapolis Retirement Planning

In order to make sure you get the most out of your retirement years, you need to make sure you plan accordingly. Unfortunately, many people don’t know what they should be doing to plan for their retirement and a 2015 survey conducted by Transamerica found that while 58% of workers have some form of strategy for saving, only about 14% have it written out and 44% don’t have a plan at all. A retirement planner can help you come up with a strategy for your retirement and make sure that you get the most out of your golden years.

Important Topics To Cover In Retirement Planning

The Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards recommends that you keep a few key topics in mind as you start your planning. These include estate planning, healthcare needs, long-term care options, and retirement income.

A big topic that many people want to take care of is their income once they retire. You want to make sure you have enough to cover your daily expenses and if you’re smart with your money and options this is entirely possible. Many seniors will rely on their Social Security benefits and while you can start collecting at age 66 it might be a better option to wait a few years to start collecting. By waiting just one year, you could collect 108% of your benefits and if you wait until age 70 you could collect the maximum of 132% of your benefits.

They way in which you use your money also has an effect on your retirement income. If you have money in different accounts or funds, the order you withdraw and use that money could end up saving you money in taxes. A smart financial planner will be able to look at all of your accounts and money and come up with a good strategy to save your money.

When you retire will also play into your overall income. While many people want to retire by 65, it could be better for some to wait a few years until they retire. There is also a growing number of seniors who are deciding to stay in the workforce, even part-time, well after the age of 65. In Indiana, there are 146,000 workers that are 65 and older.

Looking For A Retirement Planner In Indianapolis

It isn’t too difficult to find a Certified Financial Planner in Indianapolis, but you want to make sure you find one that is reputable and specializes in retirement planning services. You can ask for referrals from friends and coworkers or talk with your boss to see if they have any retirement planning services through your company. You can also search:

The Better Business Bureau of Indianapolis and look through the dozens of retirement planning services. This site is also good because you can look at user reviews and see how their customers felt about their services.

The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors allows you to search for planners in their network based on your location. Once you enter your city make sure to refine your search to retirement planners only.

The CFP Board of Standards also has a search tool just make sure you refine your search to retirement planners after you enter your location.

More Financial Resources In Indianapolis

The FDIC offers a series of training courses called Money Smart and they have one that is specifically for older adults. Through this course you can learn about things like:

Identity theft Planning for unexpected events Common types of Elder Financial Exploitation

All of these topics will help you be smarter with your money and make sure that you protect everything you’ve saved for your retirement.

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